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Atomic SX-9 vs Elan s08 vs ??

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I currently have a pair of '04 atomic SX-9 skis, length 160 cm. I ski in the East: I have skiied Okemo, Stratton, Bromley, Stowe, Whiteface and the "local" hills (butternut, belleayre, mohawk, windham). I am almost 50 years old and have been skiing for 5 years (15-20+ days per season). 5' 9'', 165-170 lbs.

After demoing a number of skis, I bought the Sx-9s because at the time I was improving rapidly and I wanted a lively ski, good for carving, good for Eastern skiing. They are certainly all that, and more. It is the "and more" that is troubling me: I am wondering if I would be happier on something a bit more relaxed and more forgiving. Something that requires perhaps a bit less attention (especially later in the day). Something that doesn't feel like "they want to go fast".

Here is why: in the summer of 2004, I had serious neck surgery (I think the injury resulted from skiing- but that is another story). Last season, I skied better than ever, but I have really dialed back my ambitions from where they were in '04. (They probably were unrealistic in the first place!) I have accepted the fact that I can't keep up with my kids (boys, ages 15 and 12).

I like to ski pretty slowly, I like skiing on blue and very easy black slopes, I am not able to carve consistently and I am bad in the bumps (and I need to avoid them--doctor's orders--another long story). While I would like to be able to learn to ski the Front Four at Stowe with panache, I don't think that is likely! Bottom line: while I enjoy skiing on the SX-9s, and I don't feel out of control on them, I don't think they are necessarily best suited for cruising along on groomed blue trials.

So the question: would I be better off on one of the following:

Elan S 08

Nordica SUV 8.1

Head XRC 500 RII

Or something else?

Also, I would appreciate recommendations as to length.

PS. All set with boots. I have salomon X wave 9 boots with custom orthotics made by Jeff Rich. Very happy with them.

Any thoughts would be aprreciated.
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If carving is your aim, then I would suggest you try a Solomon Equipe 10 SC. It has a rather short turn radius, but I found it very forgiving and it's only shortcoming is that it can't handle high speeds. It loves to carve.

160 sounds like a good length.
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Ghost is on target 160's are probably fine

You say you are comfortable withthe SX9 but want a "softer ride" ???

My advice catch a great demo day at Gore Mtn see website they are doing a $19 lift ticket and demo day there 12/8/05 reps from Salomon, K2,Rossi, Atomic,Dynastar,Nordicaand Fischer will be there.

After demoing last spring several of my friends and i picked a ski that wasn't even on our radar screeens before the demo.

Have fun
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I am a skier with a very similar profile, only a little taller and a little lighter.

I've skied the SX-9 and SX-10, as well as the Elan S-8, S-10 and S-12. I ended up buying the S-10. I too found that the SX-9 and SX-10 required quite bit of attention, and that the S-series skis were less lively, more solid and stable, and for me more enjoyable.

I don't have any experience with the other skis.

Good luck.
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Zeke, don't forget to give us the neck story, perhaps over in Fitness & Health.

just to toss another one in: Dynastar Contact 9
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I have Fischer RX4's...a small step down in performance from your Atomics. They may be what you're looking for. I wear a 26.5 boot (not sure the length in mm), but you're welcome to try them out if I am not skiing that weekend. i am in Greenwich too. Fischer, Atomic, and I believe Rossi are going to have demo tents at Hunter the weekend of 12/10-11.

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Thanks to all for the advice (and especially Scott, for the kind offer). A friend also suggested the Head Monster iM 70....

This all gives me a lot to work with (and that's part of the fun, isn't it?)

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Try playing with the tune

Have you thought of different tuning strategies? Maybe dulling the tips and tails with a progressive bevel is your cheapest alternative. I find that makes for a very smooth transition and eliminates a lot of "nervousness" when the ski is flat between turns.
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the Elan s08 may be just what the Dr. ordered [pardon the pun].
You might find the Heads a bit heavier and stiffer than the Elans.
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