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I posted a little while ago but was pretty vague. Here is a better question.

I am skiing in Lake Tahoe at primarly Alpine this winter. I just bought a pair of last years B2's. I am currently looking for bindings for them. The skiis are 182 and I an 6'2 and weigh 165.

I have been skiing for a long time back east but have not skiied out here yet. I will primarly be skiing backcountry but will still ski all over the mountain as well.

I have found a sale at REI for Marker Titanium 1200 Free Bindings for pretty cheap. These are described as a 'freeskiing' binding and the description says they are primarly for the park etc. However, they have a high DIN which I am looking for.

How will these bindings perform over the entire moutain? Should I be looking for something else?
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pretty much any companies binding marked "freeride" "jib" etc is the exact same binding as their other bindings, maybe no lifters or they come with wide brakes but the function of the binding is the exact same as any other marker binding with the same DIN range
so they will be as good as any other Marker basically...
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I'd go with either the Look P12 or P14 Ti binding, or the Rossignol Axial 120 or 140 (the Rossi bindings are made by Look)... some good deals to be had on ebay for last years stock... one of the best bindings out there IMO...
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Hey there gg8983... sent you a pm on the sale at www.steepandcheap.com for the Rossi 140 bindings at $137 and change... great price and perfect binding for those B2's... sale ends just before midnight tonight so hope you can act on it... good luck...

tempted to just snag a pair myself, even though I don't need 'em...
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thanks tapar - i went on and snagged a pair. what an unreal deal!!! i couldnt even find last years for that cheap!!!
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schweet... glad you made it in time... that was a killer price... enjoy your time on the slopes in Tahoe... gonna be fun once the snow comes...
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