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Marker bindings

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I jsut bought a pair of '04 Rossi B2's. I found some Marker Titanium 1200 Free Bindings onsale. Would these bindings be good for tahoe? I plan on skiing mostly backcountry in the deep stuff. I know I should have gotten wider skiis, but this guy is on a tight budget.

My main concern is these bindings are mostly for park/freeriding, will the effect the overall performance on normal conditions?
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Those markers will be fine!
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I have those bindings on my Sanouks. They will be fine.

If you can find some wider skis that you can afford, I think you will be much happier in the Sierra pow.

Edit: Just read your other Thread. Alpine was great this weekend. Hopefully you made it out.
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The only difference when you ski a "Free" series binding is the shock pad that is under the toe and heel peice. The only time you might feel a difference is on ice, but having skied them for a couple years on the east, I can tell you the difference is very minimal.
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those will be perfect
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