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Why are Fischer Skis cheaper than the rest ?

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Do they cut corners on construction, and produce an inferior ski ?

I'm looking at replacing my old straight set of skis with a freeride carving ski that doesn't cost the earth. The Fischer Alltrax 74 seems to fit the bill, but I'd appreciate opinions on a good freeride ski, for all terrain at an advanced level.

Can any one suggest a solution ?


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The main reason Fischer skis are less is because the brand is less popular in the US. If the Fischer brand ever catches on again you'll see its prices rise to the level of the other brands.
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They need to convince consumers to buy their skis instead of other more recognised brands. But their skis are top-notch from what I've heard - they're one of the top skis on the World Cup, and their freeride skis are getting great reviews.

That said, does anybody know any shops in Calgary (or even all of Alberta) that carry Fischer skis??? (specifically the Big Stix 84 and 106)
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They would probably be more popular if the factory reps up in New Hampshire were more responsive.

We were given pro forms with some pretty fair deals last year but none of those sales went through....... some instructors skis were never delivered and they cancelled their orders. I wanted skis for my son and myself but gave up when they did not return calls regarding the actual availability of the stock.

Sad that there was no follow through on the part of the US staff. It was not an 800 line and I'm only willing to place so many long distance calls.
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Mike I don't think any shops carry Fischer in Calgary. There are still pairs of Fischer Mountain Xs ( 2000 model) at SportMart- father of Big stix 84 with 78 under foot.
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Thats what I thought (and was told last year). I really don't understand why because the shop where I bought my Heads even stocks Elan skis (and a good number of them) but no Fischer.

On the plus side my Head Supercross Ti's are sweet skis - ultra stable - when I bust em (or they delam) maybe the shop can get me some Monsters (hehe).
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Fischer makes excellent skis but as has been mentioned they have not been big in the USA for a while. They are trying to become a force in the market place in this country again.

The Austrian ski maker is very big in Europe and Japan. If you check out their international web site www.fischer-ski.com they have a Canadian agent who can tell you where in Canada they are sold.

I am sorry that Yuki had a unhappy experience with the service. My single service experience was opposite. I slashed though part of an Accelerator arm on their GS race ski two season's ago in a fall. They promptly replaced it at no charge even though it was not a defect or failure of the ski.
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Hmm, interesting timing: yesterday I met the Fischer race sales rep - actually, I should say re-met, since I knew him when he was the ski manager for Bob Smith's.

Anyway, Jeff Moody was always very responsive to our team when we were working through his store, so I would think he brings that same attitude to Fischer.
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Used the Alltrax 68 last year and loved it. The ski delaminated after about thirty days and Fischer replaced the ski very quickly. I teach F.T. and would highly recommend the ski.
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I've lots of good things about their skis and plenty of bad things about their support to retailers. Pity. :
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Mike B- After my Alltrax delamed I rode an Elan CRX for the remainder of the season and also thought it was a great product. Both offer really good pro deals.
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