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Opening Day!

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With 58" and 7" of fresh, Bridger Bowl opened today.

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Wah!!! I couldn't skip work this morning. Oh well, I'll try to catch up tomorrow.
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Wow, nice conditions. Our opening day a week ago was on man-made hardpack complete with ice marbles.
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Make that 61" and 10" of new.
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OK, rub it in.
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wow looks sweet
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Copper Today

Nice pic nolo.

Copper is doing really well too. We have 95" for a season total and 35" in the last 7 days.

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We've had over 40" in seven days. Today, we got hammered with about 18".

What was that about global warming?
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We had about 3 feet of wet slush snow topped by 1.5 feet of fresh. It was perfect for the opener at Kirkwood. This snow even coated the vertical surfaces and covered most of the rock, except in the cliffs. I was skiing on my own, so no photograper. Nice to see you guys getting it in Montana. Hope to see you soon in Utah.
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Happy to see that things are getting off to a good start this season.
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Well Prague is lovely but I MISS ALL THAT WHITE! Is that you in the pix Nolo? I'm gonna put it on my screen saver today and eat my heart out every time I turn on my computer! My friend in Silverthorne tells me this is the second best snow season in history!?!?!?!?!?!?

Happy holidays to y'all, z
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No, that wasn't me, Ziggy. That was the photo of the day at Bridger's site.

Here's the photo of the day from Snowbird:
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have I said AAARRRGGGHHH yet?
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So a pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel around his pelvis, and the bartender asks what the steering wheel is doing there. The pirate says, "Aaarrrggghhh! It's drivin' me nuts!"
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Great opening weekend at Bridger. Missed Friday but got to ski Saturday & Sunday. There was still deep powder hidden in the trees and (best of all) soft, huge crud piles in both the north and south bowls.
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Great photo's. That kind of makes our 33 trials at Okemo look kind of bare. Today was day 7 on skis for me. We had about an 1 1/2"s over night. But at least we can ski.
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Dang, Max, go West, young man.
We're watching it blow in Summit County tonight. Compared to Vermont, tonight is bitter cold......One Whole Degree as of this minute. Brrrrr.
Copper tomorrow, first ski day of our season. YIKES! It's all good.
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I'm going to be in Montana this week and I was kicking around trying to get some turns in. Whatever I do, it'll be a short day - probably only 3 hours or so. Any suggestions on where to go? Big Sky/Moonlight is probably out. But I was kicking around Bridger, Maverick (is it open?) or somewhere else. I'll be traveling between Bozeman, Missoula and Dillon. Any idea how much a pass and rentals would be? (Can't lug skis on this trip.. maybe boots.)
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You will have a hard time finding skiing during the week except at Big Sky and Moonlight. Most of the Montana areas won't be opening on a daily basis until Dec. 10. Bridger Bowl has the most snow right now & would be your best choice if they are open. Considering the great early snow I would watch their website to see if they might be opening for daily operations earlier.

Maverick isn't opening until Dec 10 & they haven't been posting snow depths so I'm not sure they will have enough to open by then. Discovery is right in the middle of where you are traveling but isn't opening on a daily basis until the 10th, also. It currently doesn't have enough snow for skiing on the back side which is the best skiing on the mountain. I'm not sure what's happening at Snowbowl, the area right outside of Missoula.
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Bridger's website says:

Closed Monday-Thursday 12/5-12/8. Re-open full time Friday, 12/9.
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