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Elan Mantis 662

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Has anyone skied the new 662? It appears to have identicle construction to the SLX and GSX, which should make for a very beefy, stiff ski. This could be the answer to my freeride ski issues. I have been looking for a freeride ski that is built like a GS ski for some time. If anyone out there has any experience on this particular ski let me know. I know that their freeride skis from last year were not that amazing but this one looks to have a different design; similar to their race line, which are all superb skis. It is a wide ski but not too wide for skiing in the east (116-72-102). It looks like it only comes in a 168, 176, and 184. At 150lbs i think id probably prefer the 168 being that the ski is most likely very stiff. Let me know if you have any input.
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I think you may have that waist measurement on Mantis 662 wrong. Ski magazine and Realskiers.com show it with a 76 mm waist. Elans' 04 site not up yet. I feel 76 mm waist a little thick for everyday eastern ski icecapades.
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Oops typo, youre right 76... hence the 662. And its not my everyday ski, just my ski for days that we have some powder. It seems that it should handle ice better than my Xscreams anyways. I have plenty of ice skis. I need a wider ski that is built like a race ski, so it will still be stable at speed on the groomers... or just feel like a GS ski.
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Take a gander at Swisscarve.com Stockli Stormrider XL may light your fire also then.

Live Easy Ski Hard
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I will only say this: Its name should by 666.
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Peter Keelty has given this ski one of his highest ratings (www.ts2003.com - great site, worth the price to join).
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Id say that the Stockli freeride skis are my top choice, but being a poor college student in need a new car, i dont see myself affording them anytime soon unless a stockli rep drops a pair of them off at my door... (For any stockli reps out there who might want to do that free of charge you are more than welcome to do so... and i would speak nothing but praise of your skis [img]smile.gif[/img] ) So since the shop that i frequent in buffalo deals Elans i figure i can probably get a very very good deal on them. If they are building a ski that is comparable to the Stockli line then i can settle, especially since i will probly only use these skis 10 times a season if that...
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The M662 is on my list too.....and on the Keelty website, Blizzard's Sigma 7.0 FXP Ti(113/70/100) gets a good writing, yet doesn't even get a mention in SKI, guess their salespeople and SKI's bagman never met [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Also posted on the Gear review forum:

"Yes, I have spent a few runs on the 662-it is a great ski. It is built mostly like the other Elan laminate skis, and as such, has a very authentic feel. Super stable at speed in pow and crud-you have to be on it, but performance is outstanding. I skied it in 6-12 inches of crud/pow that was fairly light. I was on the 176. I may pick up a pair of those as well if my finances allow me to do so."

This ski was a little more demanding than the other 76mm ski I tested that day (the Fisher FX 7.6) and to pick a winner between the two is a tough call. The FX seemed a touch more forgiving, but I couldn't detect a performance difference between the two. Definitely though, the 662 feels like a race ski, due to the laminate construction, whereas the FX 7.6's cap construction gives it a different feel. I loved both skis.
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