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K2 Outlaw Info

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I am looking at buying a pair of Outlaws. Has anyone skied it yet? thoughts? I ski in the east and want it as a crud. powder ski and something I can take out west on vacation. I am looking for a 181 without bindings. Anyone know where I can get one online at a good price new or slightly used. Thanks
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I skied the Apache Outlaw last year at a demo day towards the end of the season. I'm 6'1", 185 lbs, skied the 181 and I absolutely LOVED them. We had great powder that day and they were awesome in the fresh, maybe even better once it was getting chopped up, and I even tried a groomer and they hold their own there.

This will most likely be my next ski, but I have yet to see a pair on sale anywhere. I saw one pair of demos at a shop the end of last year and they were asking like $550 for them, but other then that all I've seen is full price.

I think they'd be perfect for what you are looking for if you can find a pair in your price range.
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You may want to check some of the big box retailers. I have seen them on sale at Garts Sports for about 25% off MSRP. Most of those places don't sell them flat, only with the binding system. I think Garts owns a few other big box stores like sports authority. Here is a thought if I am not mistaken dogcatcher may have a line on K2 skis send him a PM and see what he can do on price.
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Check out my review in the gear reviews forum. I just posted it a few hours ago. Also, let me know if I can help regarding obtaining a pair: my price would be at least 25% off MSRP on the Outlaw. It is a very nice ski.
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Size is confusing

Went to my local shop today to compare K2 sizes to Volkl's. With out a doubt the K2 174 ski is longer than a Volkl 175 maybe a Cm or two at the Most. Now I have to decide what size to get. I am 6'1" \192 lbs. I want float but don't want to much length. My last pair of fats were a G40 at 188 and it had enough float. My whole reason for upgrading was to try and go shorter, so I figure I need some additional girth to provide float. Any thoughts?
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