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Crotched Mtn Now.

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It seems that Crotched is going to re-open on Sat. I was thinking about skiing on Tuesday. Anyone have any ideas as to what the situation will be like? Will it be a ghost town?
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That's actually the name of a mountain? Doesn't have quite the same ring as, say, Snowbird, Whistler, or Silver Star.

Still, if you love it, good on ya!
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If it stays cold my guess is that conditions at Crotched would be pretty good by Tuesday. Acre for acre probably the most efficient snowmaking in NE, they can REALLY blow snow and I'd expect very little crowd. Not a big mountain but consistent pitch with mostly intermediate terrain. Lodge lacks alpine charm but is functional. Wish it were a bit easier to get to cause it's a pretty good place to ski. Requires some back road driving to get to. Thought it's probably 25 miles closer to us than Sunapee, it drive time for us coming from the South is about equal. If I were looking to ski in that area this week I think either Crotched or Sunapee would be among the best bets. I believe it's actually pronounced crotch, followed by the name Ed, Crotch-ED. Name definately lends itself to some wordplay.
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Originally Posted by RISkier
Name definately lends itself to some wordplay.
Ya, if you aren't a mature man. Even when we skied it back in my teens, all those stupid jokes got old fast in our middle school. You would think that these kids would have heard of a crotch in a tree before. I don't see that Crotched is open during the week, however, on their website. I'll prabably be up at Sunapee on Tuesday. They have top to bottom skiing and $30 lift tickets. Canon can be had for $27 on Tuesday, but the drive will cost you more than the difference. Futhermore, early season at Canon isn't very exciting. Early season tele must be taken easily for sure. I'll be sore on Wednesday, but I hope I don't get too excited about the skiing and overdo it. Whatever, Crotched is on my list for Tuesdays. With a 2 for Tuesday at $22 each, it's worth driving all those back roads.
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