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Big White

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Anyone been to Big White? Looks like lots of intermediate terrain. Can anyone comment on the extent/type of advanced terrain? Any glade/tree skiing?

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The local names are Big Flat or Big Whiteout. The fog is measured by the number of chairs you can see ahead while riding the lift. A 3-chair fog is a good one. Don't all ski areas near lakes get more fog than others?

Some excellent advanced terrain, but I remember it as being rather small, and not much fun if they haven't had recent snow. Lots of "family" terrain. We prefer Silver Star or Sun Peaks...Silver Star is nearby.

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Never been to SS or BW, but we had a good time at SP, maybe a bit lacking in steeps but very good overall, and compact.
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Been to SS, SP & BW and prefer BW over all of those. Yes, you can get the big white out from time to time, but you also get the dry okanagan pow which BW is famous for.

Lots of good gladed skiing and they opened up the Cliff chair last season which gets you some good expert terrrain. Don't go by the trail map. All the good skiing is off the trails. We spend 90% of our time off the main trails. Its got a lot more variety than SS or SP by a long shot.

We go there every year.
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Big White Update

Had a great week at Big White. Snowed every day with some serious whiteout action but we always found someplace to ski. Big White has some great tree skiing, lots of snow and few crowds. A very nice place to spend a week for sure.
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I went to both Apex and Big White last winter since the coverage was so pitiful here in Washington. What a difference 4 hours drive north made. Both places were excellent destinations. Big White is not a small area. The 4 mile run-out from the top to the base of the Gem Lake chair is a thigh-burner to be sure. The Cliff Chair or walk-up from the top of the T-Bar gives access to expert terrain. I loved the place and I'm going back in March. We hit great weather, but I hear it can be foggy, but what place doesn't get less than ideal weather at times. I suggest you check their webcams regularly and you'll get a pretty good idea how things are shaping up. Here's a look at the Cliff Chair Bowl. http://static.flickr.com/25/91248323_a884da98bf.jpg
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BW is not bad, but when it is foggy, it is tough skiing. Some days we quit way early, because we were getting vertigo! SP has much more consistent weather and I the terrain is more challanging.
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