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My Bases are Hurting

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After skiing today (Sunshine - Base @ 78cm), my bases were more than hurting. Lots of nicks and some reasonably big gouges.

When seeking out powder after several snowless days (at least in the early season), this seems to happen.

My question for you guys is:

How much of a beating are you willing to give your skis? Is it worth the pow runs?

I am biased right now, since I'm skiing on my brand new pair of AC4s. Planning to buy some Gotamas in the next few days. I figure those skis are going to take a beating too in the BC. How long do your skis last?

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You can't get too worried about hitting rocks, after one or two you will stop trying to be over-protective of your new skis and just go for it. But that doesn't mean you don't say "ouch" every time you hit another rock
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For free skis, (meaning non-race/carving boards) I don't lose much sleep over rocks. Usually if they are a core shot you can get it patched, and with a fresh base grind most of your blemishes are gone. Yeah, it sucks to hit rocks, but it is a fact of skiing off piste in the early season... or anytime for that matter really. I found that last year I encountered tons of rocks in colorado, but it didn't stop me from getting to where I wanted to go. Of course you are always mindful not to hit them hard, and to keep your edges off them, and unweight your foot as soon as you feel your ski hit something, but I wouldn't let it affect your skiing, where you ski, or how much fun you have on the mountain.

Note: I pamper my race skis and groomer skis, because a messed up edge or hold in the abse can really effect how the ski performs on hardpack - but skis that are cruising through variable terrain - I don't think it makes THAT much of a difference - but I am sure that there are those out there who still baby their freeride skis (I paid 230 for my AK's so i figure if they break they break - no loss).


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west vs east

I can really identify with your post James. I was just skiing Breckenridge today with new skis and have several troubling rock shots. The thing about the east I learned, was that thin layer of ice protects far better than a foot or two of powder. I was skiing today with a guy that had a chunk missing from his edge. It made me consider looking for a real cheap junky pair of powder skis to use until the snow compacts a little more to cover those rocks. Powder is funny, once you get going its hard to stop, you kind of lose the ability to reason and calculate risk. I do anyway, I just go...
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I plan to take the official rock skis to Kirkwood and give the Mantras and Six Stars the first day off. Plans are great, I bet I end up using one of the better skis. This will be after finding no rocks with the old ones, but as soon as I put on the $1000 set, I will find what I was looking for.:
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