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Summit County Dec. 4-9

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Skier_j and I will be dogsitting for the wonderful MarkXS and Lisamarie team who are off bouncing about Europe for a coupla weeks, so we'll be in Summit County for a little skiing.

We have a couple of Copper Four passes to use, so I imagine we'll spend a lot of time there. At $79 for the 4 days, we can use only 2 days and call it good, or leave them unused on the lodge table and ski other places.

I wouldn't mind meeting a few bears apres ski, or just to ski, one run or many (if you're a fan of greens and blues.......first time out this year with a multitude of crappy health problems, as per usual . I've had some serious headaches as a result of some IV drug therapy for MS, but hopefully I can ski a few of those days after the altitude sickness wears off.: )

Hey. An addict does what an addict does. I'll ski even if I'm nearly dead. Partying may be another matter. Jeff is always up for company, however.

We'll have access to Epic and pm's. Give us a shout if you want to meet up. :
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Hey Bonnie,

I'm planning on being in Breck from the 4th through the 9th. As my friends bailed on me for the trip I would love some company if you wanted to meet up.

Let me know...
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I'll be skiing Keystone or Breck a couple days during that time period. If you do break away from Copper for a day and would like to ski together, let me know.

PS; Lucky you's, the snow is fantastic here now.
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How about a meeting at Breck on the 8th? Meet at 8:30 at the ticket window? You'll know me by my helmet with the sticker on the back that says "I'm the one ski patrol warned you about."
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Originally Posted by Bonni
How about a meeting at Breck on the 8th? Meet at 8:30 at the ticket window? You'll know me by my helmet with the sticker on the back that says "I'm the one ski patrol warned you about."
Which ticket window, Bonni?
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Sounds good, Bonni. Look for the the guy who looks like he's dressed to work on the lifts rather than ride them. (oil stained brown Carhartts). :

I'll PM you my cell in case I'm running late. Long early morning drive.
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I don't remember a whole lot about Breck, since we've only been there once (I think).

Pick one.......we'll be there! I'll get a map tomorrow.

We just got in today, met Madbee (she's wonderful, and Larry too!), and we're so tired and headachy that we won't ski tomorrow, but try to acclimate. We'll go by Breck and check out ticket windows.

Duct tape, Rick? CLASSIC! I'll be proud to be seen with you. You won't want to ski with me though (slow, old, and stuck on Green and Blue this week, avoiding any powder as I've only SEEN it once, and that was a couple years back! I can't ski it!)

We'll update tomorrow.
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I'll be at Breck tomorrow, Copper Tuesday. It would be nice to connect for at least a few runs... Or lunch...

I'll PM you my mobile number. Rick, call me in the morning if you want.
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I'm working at Copper -- if you're going to be around, give me a shout. Tuesday noon to 5pm I am training, though.

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Man, first day out this season, and it was a BREEZY CHILLY Zero degrees at 2 pm, but the sun was out at times and the snow was crunchy good.

My shins are bruised and sore (man, can't even touch them tonight! OW!), but we'll be out again tomorrow. We'll be on mostly the greens and blues, and it won't bother us, However.....

Ssh, you won't want to poop around with us tomorrow, but we could meet you at lunch. When and where?
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Ssh, It was nice to meet you today, if only briefly!

Thursday at Breck we're meeting Rick, that Fastman, for some easy skiing. Come join us. Meeting at the base of Peak 9 at 9, cafeteria. If you miss that one, we'll be at the Peak 9 restaurant at 11.

Jeff is in a blue Helly Hansen coat and blue helmet. I'm in a blue and cream snowboarder coat (heh heh) with black helmet with Epicski sticker and a ski patrol sticker. Come meet us!
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