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Yikes! Just bought new Nordicas!!

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Well, after months of deliberation, sweating, lost sleep and anxiety attacks : , I finally bought my new skis today. I went against the grain of this board a bit and settled on the Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous.

I was within seconds of buying the Top Fuels when I had a good discussion with the very helpful guy at the shop about what I really wanted. We concluded that the Top Fuel, although fantastic, might be a bit more than I would want for my everyday skiing.

Although I am an aggressive skier who loves to go fast, I do still love the bumps, trees and at the end of the day an occasional easy ride down the groomer to get my first beer. I thought that the Nitrous was more than enough ski for when I want to hammer it, but a bit more forgiving on days when I don't.

Anyway, they are getting set up this weekend so I'll give a full review later in december when the snow flies at Blue.
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Just demoed some skis last weekend at Sunday River. Didn't get a chance to try the Top Fuel (so many skis, so little time), but I did try the Modified, which was easily my favorite of the day. Tried a lot of nice skis, but these really stood out. I plan on being in Stowe on the 10th for their demo day, if the Nordica van is there, I'll check out the TF then.
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I skied the Nitrous a few days ago and I'm still planning on doing a full review when I get the time. I think Nordica has totally mismarketed the Nitrous.

The Nitrous is still more ski than most manufacturers "top" all mountain model. Its more ski than the Salomon Scrambler, Volkl AC3, Rossi B2 and Dynastar 8000. It's actually similar to the Volkl AC4.

Nitrous is just as much an expert ski as the Top Fuel, its just for people who prefer a lighter, more energetic ski. This is where Nordica has screwed up. Instead of selling it as the ski "under the Top Fuel" or the "cheaper TF" - they should be positioning this model as their expert ski for Salomon and Dynastar fans. Then push the Top Fuel to people who prefer Volkls and Atomics. Its totally ridiculous that one of the magazines tested them in their Intermediate All-Mtn category (even though it did stomp all the other skis in that category). If anything, the Nitrous is the ski Nordica should be focusing on in all their ads and literature. This is the ski that most people are going to come away liking after a quick demo. Nordica has a chance to become a major player in the ski market if they can just get people to try their product and forget what they think they know about nordica skis. Bad marketing is just stupid at this point in time.

Overall, I love my Top Fuels, but I would be just fine on the Nitrous (maybe better off in a lot of ways). If I had skied the Nitrous before buying the TFs I'd have a very tough decision.
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Cannuck34 and Matter are right on in their assesments. Nordica is really coming into its own.
PS. Their boots aren't bad either.
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i don't think anyone is suggesting any tier exist with the hot rods. you have two decisions....74 or 78 underfoot and extra titanal or not.
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Directly from Nordica:
Top Fuel: Driver Qualifications: Expert and Pro-level all-mountain skiers, ideal for 50% groomed and 50% powder.

Nitrous: Driver Qualifications: Advanced all-mountain skiers, ideal for 50% groomed and 50% Powder.

Everyone knows that "advanced" means below expert in ski terminology. I just think they're selling the ski short.
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I think also nordica is hypeing up the TF to try to increase its sales. All the hotrod skis r nice...They all r solid skis that any expert can rely on
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Hurrah, my new ski's just arrived!

Canuck, congratulations on your new ski's. Mine have just arrived also.....

Blizzard Titan FR (approx 2001-2002 model, same specs as current 8.2 model as far as I can judge)

Oh boy I'm a happy camper now!
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perfect ski


I think you made the right choice. I too have been bouncing back and forth between the TF and the Nit. Still not sure. I'd love the TF's energy and precision, but the Nitrous sounds more enjoyable and less work. Around here bumps are a factor. They are big and hard - great place to bend a ski. Maybe the Nitrous would be better suited to bumps as well.
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Hope you guys enjoy your new ride--have fun
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The bumps were a big part of my decision. Also a big part was the guy at the shop saying that the Top Fuels were incredible skis, but at anything below 20mph they really get tough to ski.

I love to ski fast, but I don't mind having a ski that lets me take a run or two off from time to time.

Also, the guy at the shop (he skis on the Rossi Z9s) said that he spent all day between the TF and the Nitrous and that calling the Nitrous anything other than an expert ski was false advertizing. It is just not quite as damp and a bit more forgiving than the TF.

Either way, first day coming up this Saturday!! Can't wait!
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be sure to tell me all about it
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Nordica Demo Tour

The Nordica guy just stopped by on his way to Stowe Vt...here ya go:

Sat 12/10 Stowe VT
Sat 12/10 Sugarloaf Me
Sat 12/11 Sugarloaf Me
Thurs 12/15 Loon (private demo)
Fri 12/16 Cannon NH
Sat 12/17 Sugarbush VT
Sat 12/17 Mt Snow
Sat 12/17 Loon Mt
Sun 12/18 Waterville Valley NH
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