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Trab skis

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Does anyone have any views on Trab skis? I'm currently thinking about whether to get some Trab Freerando skis or a pair of Atomic Rex as my next purchase. I hadn't heard much about Trab skis until the guides I usually ski with started talking about them, and I looked them up on the Web at Trab skis. They seem to be a totally different sort of ski to the Atomics, but I was wondering whether anyone has skied on them and what their impressions were? Any thoughts?

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Haven't skied them but this brand is known for their "race" randonee skis."race" meaning they are light as a feather because AT comps are won on the uphill part,they practically run up the mountain.
Downhill?,i don't know but i would avoid any randonee oriented ski.Soft,fragile etc...
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...thanks mc. Tends to confirm my thoughts.
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