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what ski for wife learning to ski

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my wife has made two trips west but only about 7 days on the mountain.she has taken about four lessons & has skied the rossi cut & scream 700, I bought her some lange boots & she has orthotic footbeds,but I would like to buy her some skis I was wondering about the saloman verse,I thought the 700 scream would be a good choice she skied them in a 153cm they did not have them in a 163cm the cuts were 160-something & I think she did better with the cuts but she is still doing snow plow turns.she is 5'6" 130# & will never be an all mountain ripper but she likes to ski & wants to learn, funny thing my 5 year old son made his first trip this year & after 3 days of lessons he blows right by her. thanks & happy skiing bteddy
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When I read the title of this post, I thought Salomon Verse, then when I read the post, I see you're thinking along the same lines.
I think the Verse 5w would be OK, but she may want it changed if she progresses quickly. The 7w might be a bit much for her right now, but she would be able to ski it for a few seasons.
The K2 options would be too much of a ski, and I haven't heard much feedback on the Rossi lower end. If it were me, I'd buy her the Verse 7w.

Glad to hear about your kid.

How's the Axis X Pros?

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Check out some of the Volkl skis. I don't think they still make the CarverX Scape, but they might do something similar.
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K2 makes a wide range of skis designed for women and there are a lot on sale right now. The axis x pro is a very beefy ski and would not be my choice for any woman unless she weighed over 165 and was a very strong skier.

I think the key is buying the right size ski. I think this is the biggest problem that I see on the hill today.
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Sorry Rusty, I didn't make my last point very clear!
bteddy bought a pair of Axis X Pros for himself, not his wife!

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Get great fitting boots, and wait until she demos skis. She'll find one she likes, and everyone will be happy.
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Definitely have her demo. If posssible, let her take classes on 2 seperate days with the same instructor. Demo 2 different skis, and have the instructor comment!
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fox the pro's are just plain unreal like I said super stable & stupid fast just not the best mogul ski for me the axis x was great in moguls just to fickle for my taste.as for a ski for the wife I hate to rent & was hoping to hit on a no brainer to learn on you know how it goes just like scuba equipment you have to learn how to use it before you learn what you like or don't like thats why we tried the cuts & the screams no one had a verse to try but I am not against more lessons for her & I like lisamaries suggestion.thanks for your input.happy skiing everyone.from sunny florida bteddy
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What you are looking for is a ski that will allow your wife to progress from beginner up to at least intermediate and perhaps to advanced skier.

I would like to suggest the Volant Vertex Superkarve or the Vertex Power if she will be skiing other than groomed slopes.

These are one time buying decision skis that will give her many seasons of enjoyment, and at the same time allow her to progress to the expert level of skiing if she so desires.

Suggest you start to demo at about 160 cm, get her boots properly aligned, and some lessons with a good female instructor, or in a class with all females and a female instructor.

If you do all that you will be amazed at the progress she will make if she is motivated to ski.
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Dont forget the Volant Vertex Epics! They're a great all-mountain ski. Really easy to turn. They fall between the Supers and Powers.

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Boots are THE most important item but if you really feel the need to get the skis I believe you can't go wrong with any of these choices. All are forgiving skis, easy to turn, skid well and except for the Volants can be had for cheap money.
K2 T9 Flight (wife has them and loves them)
Rossignal T-Power Saphir VS
Volant Vertex Epic
Volant Gravity Epic
Elan Integra Xcarve 3.0
Just my .02 cents worth. Any of these skis would give her plenty of room to grow on and develop skills.

Good Luck
Jeff J.
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