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K2 Escape Cruiser - Need Help

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I'm an intermediate skier who primarily skiis on the East Coast (so, lots of ice). I bought a pair of K2 Escape Cruiser Skiis from Sports Authority (size 160) for $99. My weight is 160 lbs and I like skiing everything on the mountain (just not moguls) (been skiing for 3 years or so now, but have just rented up until now). I talked with someone from K2 and they said the Escape Cruiser is pretty much the same as the Omni 4.5. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Is this a decent ski that will last me a couple of years? Since the ski with M1000 bindings will run me $200, I thought they would be cheaper and at least as good (quality wise) as any rental pair I would get .... anyone agree or disagree?

The Specs on the Escape Cruiser are:
Mod Technology
Triaxial Bonded
I think the sidecut is 14mm

Craig Donnelly
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thinkin its a beginner ski and the omni 4.5 is the replacement
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Just make sure you get a decent pair of bindings. If the ski disappoints you can bin them and put the bindings on another pair of ski's.

For USD 99 who's complaining........

Bindings should only set you back another 100 USD din range up to 11.

Good luck and happy days on the hill
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to lend a helping hand

These bindings could be a bit of a bargain, have no affiliation with the seller and can't vouch for him or the product:

http://cgi.ebay.com/Tyrolia-pro-ski-bindings-Brand-new_W0QQitemZ8730947437QQcategoryZ21238QQrdZ1QQcmd ZViewItem
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The Escape Cruiser is a special makeup model that is only offered through chain stores. Each chain that carries it may have it under a different name like "Radius" or as the Omni 2.5 which is not shown in the catalog. It is similar in shape to the rental ski but with a narrower waist.

There is no inline ski currently in the K2 lineup with these dimensions.

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Thanks for the quick replies. Still just a little confused. Not sure if the K2 rep was just agreeing with me, but he said, this ski was more of the quality of the Omni 4.5 (since it had the smaller width and 14 mm sidecut). At Sports Authority, they also had the K2 Escape Radius and Escape Synchro.... of which, I was told matched to the Omni 2.5, Omni 3.5, and Omni 4.5 respectively. Any truth behind that? Also, what does it mean to overpower the ski? If I take this Escape Cruiser all over the mountain and it truly is a beginner ski, what will happen? How would the Omni 2.5 compare to a "normal" rental ski.. or is the answer, it depends?
Thanks again for the replies.
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One more thing, I found that the Escape 4500 from I think '03 or '04 seems to fit the description of this ski to a "T".... since the Omni 4.5 is supposedly the replacement for the 4500, would that add more weight to believing this ski will behave more like the 4500/Omni 4.5?
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You got a very nice ski for your level at that price. The 4.5 is designed for level 5 intermediates who are learning to carve and primarily ski on the groomed. I suspect your ski is very similar. At 107/68/97, your ski's dimensions are perfect for that. Plus, it will alow you to take it off-piste and begin to explore those bumps you dread, light powder, and crud. It is probably too soft to hold an edge on ice as are most skis in this category. But, until you know how to put the ski on edge and ride it through the turn, no ski will hold on ice.
You will know you are over powering the ski when you have it on edge in a carve and it starts to break free, especially on steep terrain. Another thing is stability at speed. Due to the softer flex, the skis will become less stable the higher the speed, feel squirelly and be less responsive. Don't wory about these things at this point. The ski should last you at least two seasons until you progress to a solid level 6 low 7.
The 5.5/5500 may be next in line and is designed for low level 7 skiers and above who are begining to explore the off-piste more.
The Apache X is for level 8s and above.
The 2.5 for true beginners and rentals, and the 3.5 for the novice level 3 through 4.
Find some bindings with a DIN up to 10 and you'll be fine.
Enjoy your new skis.
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I have been skiing on my Escape Cruisers for two years, and I've been very impressed with their performance for the price. When i bought them, i was just learning how to carve, and they were an excellent learning tool, much better than the rentals i had been using. However, once you progress to a certain level, you will need to upgrade to something better (I'm getting Fischer Race SC's in a few days) The Cruisers are very forgiving, but also have a soft flex, and not too much energy. They don't have too much "snap" at the end of the turn. I haven't had the chance to ski them at extremely high speeds, but they don't seem to have a problem with going fast. Whether you'll like them or not depends on your definition of "intermediate." if you are working on parallel turns and trying to minimize skidding and begin to carve, you will like these skis. If you already have strong carving skills, and can ski black diamonds well, the Cruisers are probably not the right skis for you (but at $99, they'll still make great rock skis )
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Late last winter I bought a pair of K2 3500's with Marker 1200 titanium binders. $140 for the skis and $80 for the bindings via REI. (Maybe 03 models) Ordered online then picked them up locally. Only have seven or eight days on them, don't have enough experience to give feedback For the price they are excellent first serious skis. Graphics are pretty nice.

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Thanks again for all the replies. I will give the skiis a try and write a reply once we get some snow here in Jersey Which, from what I hear, might happen within the next week or so.
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those are kinda like the m800 which i have on a pair of rock skis and they work pretty well so ya if ur not in the park hitting all the kickers and stuff it works pretty well

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