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What would you chose?

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Okay folks, I have posted this topic a few times now, but im looking for all of you suggestions once again. I'm looking for a turny GS ski... still. I can get most any ski i want for a good price.

I am considering the following race stock skis:
Blizzard RS Ti - 176cm
Elan GSX RACE - 176cm
Rossignol 9X WC - 175cm or 181cm (help here)
Volkl P60 GS Race Stock - 180cm
Head i.GS RD - 175cm or 180cm

I am 5'7" 155lbs for those of you who dont know already. I am also a very aggressive GS racer. Right now im on last years Salomon LAB GS in a 182, with a hangl race plate and S914 bindings. For skis like the P60, and the Elan i will probably mount either a 16mm or 13mm VIST GS plate, or mount another Hangl plate on them - most likely the Hangl (sorry marker piston race plate fans). I love the Salomon. So far it is unmatched in speed and edgehold, but it does not turn as well as i would like it to. I'm thinking that having a shorter GS ski around will make free skiing on them more enjoyable and much safer for other people on the hill. So, which one turns the easiest and still holds down roughly a 21m turn radius?


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There are some race stock ski reviews here:


I cannot tell you anything from experience cause I've never skied a race stock gs ski, but hopefully the review will help.
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Load up a 0% APR introductory offer credit card by getting one of each on proform, decide what you like, sell the rest on eBay at a profit.

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Originally posted by Ugli Pupferknick:
Sell the rest on eBay at a profit.
Two thoughts:

1) You won't get much profit off eBay.

2) That is quite seriously against the terms of purchase for any Pro Form deal.

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Yeah, dont abuse the proforms, then they just make it harder for us to get good deals on equipement.
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what are proforms?
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How about something like a Stockli Laser GS. I've never skied them but have heard good things. They are still hand made to incredible detail. Both the 174 and 180 boast a 21m turn radius.
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Turny GS? Stockli SC!

SC 168 radius is 17, 19 for the 178.

GS 174 radius is 21, same for the 180.

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I was a bit surprised not to see Stockli in that magazine. If you're after race stock skis, you can't go past Stockli. You could be fronting up to race Paul Accola, and both of you have the exact same pair of skis on.
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I can't get Stockli's, at least not for the price i want to pay. The other skis i can get for quite cheap. Stockli is the only manufacturer not available to me. I could get Fischers too, but im not a sheep... too many people are on them...
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I would highly suggest a 5 or 6 star in a 182. It has a DEFINITE GS race-ski feel. Excellent edge grip and rebound. The 182 actually feels shorter than that because of the radius (17m). The 175 is too short for what you want. All the reviews I've seen are for 161 and 168's. That seems to be the length everyone gets. I have the 182's and they are great. And don't be worried that is won't be high enough performance since it isn't race stock. Trust me..... Try a pair, they flat out rip!
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Originally posted by HeluvaSkier:
I could get Fischers too, but im not a sheep... too many people are on them...
yeah, when I start skiing Fischer slalom boards this season, the whole world will go Tango Uniform
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At a 17m turn radius id be over turning that ski like it was my job... I used to ski on a GS that turned at 17m, and i was constantly double turning, over turning, and on one occasion i hit the upper part of a through gate... That is why id like to just go shorter, and keep the 21m or so radius. The Salomons i have now turn at 23m or 24m i think... thats what i was told by a rep anyways.
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I know you will find this suggestion hard to believe, but what about the Atomic GS 11? 21M. You know a few pretty good skiers have won a few races on these!

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Well i got my skis yesterday. I went with the Elan GSX Race, with a Hangl GS Race plate, and Salomon S914 AXE+ bindings. I dont have them mounted up yet, as i have to wait for the Salomon Rep to mount the Hangl, because the shop i got the skis at did not feel comfortable mounting it. I shoul dhave them within a week though, so i can stare at them for another week or two before i can actually ski on them. The turn radius on them is 21.something meters, and they are 176cm long. Standing next to my Salomon's they are considerably shorter and are actually considerably softer, if you can believe that. They should a joy in a turny course in comparison. I'll report back after i have them out a few times, and ski them in the course a few times.
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