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3 guys skiing on Christmas

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So these three ski nuts (Pierre, Kneale and Rusty) are making plans for their upcoming skiing season. Pierre says "Wouldn't it be fantasteek to go skiing on zee Xmas day?". Kneale says "Oh yeah, but my wife would never go for that". Then Rusty says, "Man, the slopes are always empty on Christmas morning. It would be incredible. I bet you with a little planning, we could easily pull it off." They all agree to go for it.

Finally it's Christmas morning, there's 15 inches of fresh and all three meet up for the first chair. But Pierre has a sad look on his face. Kneale can't believe it - "Look at all those freshies and all for us. How could you possibly be so glum, mon ami?" Pierre says "This snow looks great but zee only way I could come was to buy my wife a huge diamond for her Kreestmas present. Heli skiing would have been cheaper". Kneale chuckles a bit and says "Yeah, you're probably right about that. I had to buy my wife a new BMW 5 series. But as soon as she saw it in the driveway, she said I could take the mini van and go". Rusty just looked at his foolish buddies and shook his head. So Pierre says "OK smart guy, how deed you do eet?". Rusty says "When I woke up I just leaned over and whispered in my wife's ear 'Merry Christmas Honey - what a great day for sex or skiing!' She pulled the blanket up over her head and said 'That's nice dear. Make sure to wear something warm.'".
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"Skating hard accross the blueline,... draws back,... Slapshot,
SCORE for Rusty's Wife!"
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