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Salomon A/T Boots?

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So There I am waiting to get my few remaining hairs cut, browsing the new issue of Skiing Mag. You Know The Back Country Issue. I'm looking over the gear and what do I see A Salmon Boot called the E3? According to the test they were the best boots for controlling the ski downhill. The Price was right about $400 retail. I made the rounds to different shops to see that boot might fit my foot. Nobody seems to have heard of this Boot? I even emailed an inquiry to Salomon and so far no reply. Anybody out there know about this boot? They look a lot like the eclipse 9 boot but with a more pronounced lug sole. If you are going to test a boot sure would be nice to at least have the boot out there for sale somewhere.
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I've had a similar experience trying to find this boot, nothing online, no one in the stores has heard of it, emailed Salomon this morning, haven't heard anything yet.

I did ask this question over on TGR and got a response that it's actually meant to be a rental boot and the only way to get it currently is through a rep. No idea how correct this info is, but it's the most I've been able to find:
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I think the point of the article was how a soft alpine boot would compare to true AT boots and hybrids like the Adrenalin and Tornado. There are plenty of boots that would offer the same level of comfort and performance. Look for a boot with a walk mode that fits well, and is not too heavy. This kind of set up would be good for "slackcountry", but not for tours where the length and vert reward a lighter setup. They also will probably be less than ideal for scrambling.
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It almost sounds like they are trying to come up with an alpine rental boot with a lugged sole so that the tourists can walk around more easily without falling down.
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Yeah, that seems to be what they were going for with that boot. Funny if they inadvertantly came up with a better solution for the peformance oriented backcountry skier. Now, if I could only try on the boot. They list the price at $450 where as the Adrenaline and Tornado are both well over $600.
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If you look closely at the picture in the article, it appears that the boot does NOT have a rockered sole. This would make any hiking pretty uncomfortable. A flat DIN standard sole would be necessary if they wanted the boot to fit alpine bindings (if that was the intended market). It looks like a number of the new Atomic boots also have some sort of lugged sole.
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I took a look in Garts Sports last night and came across the Eclipse 9 boot looks like the the same boot as shown in the Article, but with a slightly different lug sole. The 9 is listed as an intermediate boot It has 3 buckles and seems soft. It might not be the best out there for aggressive skiing. The Sole on the Eclipse 9 would be good for walking around the resort base but not for doing any kind of booting. Now the skiing mag test said the E 9 was the best performing bot in the test? Could it be that the E 9 is a hybrid using a stiffer plastic and tongue then the Eclipse? I still have not received a reply from Salomon. Might have to drop a line to skiing magazine to see what they have to say about the E9
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I think you are right about the rockered sole dp. However, the pictures I've seen of the Scarpa Tornado don't appear to have a rocker either. I'm not sure if the Adrenaline does either, if it does it's definitely less then your typical AT boot (those didn't really feel like they fit my feet anyway when I tried them on last year).

My thinking was now that I've got my ski quiver worked out I might like to add one more boot to my boot quiver. I've got my Lasers for real touring with my Dynafit set up and I've got my Technicas for lift skiing with my Alpine set ups. But which boot to use for "near-country" and short tours when I pull out the Freeride set up (off the back of Sun Peaks and Sugarbowl this season for example). I think I could take a little less touring comfort for more downhill performance, but hiking in my Technicas tends to not be fun.

So, the idea of a lighter, less stiff Alpine boot with at least some sort of walk mode is interesting.
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you lucky dog - scored all that gorgeous sunpeaks snow - hope you got pics
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Rick- wasn't Eric skiing the Adrenalines this June on Shasta?
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Yes, I believe he was. As I remember, he liked the boots, but still didn't feel they came anywhere close to Alpine boot performance.

I heard back from Salomon on my inquiry about the E2, here's what they said:

The E2 was a boot/binding/ski system from 2004/05, called the SNOWTRIP.

Although is was a system, the boot itself is compatible with all TOURING bindings currently on the market, and can be purchased separately. Here are the part numbers:

Ellipse 712 E2
part # 782886 boot only

part # 782539 size 22.5-24.5 binding
part # 782567 size 25.5-26.5 binding
part # 782568 size 27.5-31.5 binding

part # 782923 BOOT and BINDING SET

These are all available and if you are interested in ordering, any Salomon Alpine dealer can assist you.
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Thanks for the info Rick. Did they say anything about the boot being comparable to The Eclipse 9 Boot?
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Utah49- I don't know what size you wear, but someone on the website posted about a pair of lightly used 28.5 Adrenalines on ebay. There was no link, but I am sure you could find them by searching. The auction evidently ends on Wednesday.
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Salomon didn't say anything about the Ellipse 9, but looking at it online it does appear similar. Walk/Ski mode and it appears to have some sort of sole, perhaps not quite as aggresive.

I'm looking around at various boots that have a walk/ski mode. A little internet research turned up a place down in Reno that will but Vibram on a ski boot. Just might make my own AT boots.
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Here's a blown up picture of the e2 and I believe that is what they referred to in Skiing Mag.
I'm including some information in German about the shoe, don't have time to translate for you guys right now.
What's interesting, really interesting is that the sole is rolled alittle bit, between an AT boot and an alpine boot

Mehr Komfort für tägliches Skifahren. Ein großartiger bequemer Schuh, ausgestattet mit dem Ski- und Walkmechanismus, erweiterten Schnallen am Schaft um ohne Anstrenung die Schnallen zu öffen.
Schale: Mono-Material Schale aus PP
Zweikomponenten PU-Schale
Oversize Sensifit
Progressive Tuned Performance (PTP)
Advanced Chassis Technologie (ACT)
Längere Schnallen am Schaft
Standard Verschlußband 360 °
Verstellbares Schnallenraster
Meim CustomFit Komfort Innenschuh
Ski/Walk Position

Technische Details:
  • Power Strap 360 °
  • Thermoformbarer Schaum
  • Vestellbares Schnallenraster
  • Ski/Walk Position
  • Verlängerte Schnallen
  • Farbe Schwarz
Salomon Herren Skischuh Ellipse e2

CustomFit Komfort Innenschuh
Der Innenschuh besteht aus einer Lage: 60% thermoformbarer Schaum an den wichtigsten Zonen (Zunge) für eine individuelle Anpassung an das Schienenbein.
Oversize Sensifit
Ein weicheres Materail im Schienbein und Ristbereich für einen besseren leichteren Einstieg umd mehr Komfort.
Längere Schnallen am Schaft
Zwei verlängerte Schnallen am Schaft für 30% weniger Kraftaufwand beim Schließen.
Bewegliches Schnallenraster
Bewegliches Schnallenraster (+/- 20 mm) ermöglicht eine individuelle Anpassung an die Anatomie des Beines.
Ski/Walk Position
Ein einfacher Mechanismus entriegelt den Schaft und erlaubt ein leichtes Gehen.
Progressive Tuned Performance (PTP)
Die neue Generation der Skischuhe ist perfekt auf das moderne Skifahren abgestimmt. Verse und Ellipse basieren auf einem Prinzig: benutze harte Materialien dort, wo sie nützlich sind, setze die richtigen Materialien an der richtigen Stelle ein.
Advances Chassis Technologie(ACT)
Optimierung der unteren Skischuhschale: durch ein einzigartiges Schalenprofil und einer angepassten Materialzusammensetzung für bessere Kraftübertragung.
Mono-Materail Schale aus PP
PP: Polypropilen, leichter und weicher als PU-Material, UVA-beständig, gutes Preis-/ Leistungsverhältnis.
Standard-Verschlußband 360 °
Ein PVC oder Textilband am oberen Ende des Schuhs für zusätzlichen Halt. Zweikomponenten PU-Schale
PU: Polyurethan-Materail mit mittlerer Dichte ermöglicht eine leichte Handhabung im Schnee. Haltbarkeit, Dynamik, Abriebfestigkeit und schöne Optik. Zur Größenbestimmung bitte eine halbe Nummer größer als Ihre normale Schuhgröße. Sollte der Schuh einmal nicht genau passen, tauschen wir diesen natürlich kostenlos gegen die passende Größe aus.

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Now I have to get out my English/ German Dictionary. Thanks for posting the Photo.
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More Comfort for everyday skiing. It’s a wonderfully comfortable boot, equiped with a Ski/Walk Mechanisum and larger buckles on the upper to reduce the strain needed to open them.
Shell: PP Mono-Material shell
2 Kompnent PU-Shell
Oversize Sensifit
Progressive Tuned Performance (PTP)
Advanced Chassis Technologie (ACT)
larger buckles on upper
Standard Power strap 360 °
Adjustable buckle raster
My CustomFit comfort liner
Ski/Walk Position

Technical Details:
  • Power Strap 360 °
  • Thermo liner
  • Adjustable buckle rasters
  • Ski/Walk Position
  • Longer buckles
  • Color Black
Salomon Men’s Skiboot Ellipse e2

CustomFit comfort liner
The liner is composed of a layer of 60% thermomoldable foam on the most important zones (tongue) for an individual personalized customization on the shin.
Oversize Sensifit
A soft material on the shin and instep for an easier entry and more comfort.
longer buckles on the upper:
These two buckles allow 30% less effort by closing and opening.
Adjustable Buckle raster:
The raster allows adjustment of +/- 20 mm and therefore allows a personalized adjustment to the anatomy of the leg.
Ski/Walk Position
A simple mechanisum unlocks the upper and allows an easy gait.
Progressive Tuned Performance (PTP)
The new generation of skiboots ist perfectly tuned for modern skiing.
Verse and Ellipse are based on a concept: use stiff materials there, where they are needed and, use the right materials on the right locations.
Advances Chassis Technologie(ACT)
Optimized lower shell by using a one of kind last and the proper material combination for better transmission.
Mono-Materail shell from PP
PP: Polypropylene, lighter and softer than PU-Material, UVA-resistant, goot value
Standard-Power strap 360 °
A PVC or Cloth band on top of boot for additional hold
2 Component PU-shell
PU: Polyurethane material with middle density allows easy handling in snow.
Durability, dynamic, resitance to abrasion, and good looks.
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