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Well said, Disski. Very accurate.
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Don't be to hard on yourself it takes good Instruction and many hours on the skis.The more relaxed and balanced(fluid)you are the better you will ski. Your hands lead and the body follows. Collect yourself so that you have a stable platform to work off of. Determination with Grace.
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I am pleased with this thread. I think that it accurately portrays the different approaches and their adherents' leanings.

Mike_C, I did not write that before/after (although I know who did). Your assessment does not align with my opinion of her skiing before/after from having been the guy behind the camera, but I have much more of her skiing to use as the basis of that opinion than do those who just see these clips.
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Originally Posted by Rick
Harald ... eventually banned me from the site and deleted all my posts.
This is a real surprise and a loss for that site. There have been times when I've wanted to ban you, too, but that's mostly because you were so smug in your demonstrating my ignorance!

Originally Posted by Rick
Guys, if your thrilled with PMTS and it's working for you that's terrific. Go forth and prosper.
Amen. Exactly.
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Originally Posted by Rick
Well said, Disski. Very accurate.
Thank you sir :bow:

but actually the credit goes to the instructors....

I might still ski not well enough ... but I have lots of learning under the belt.... seems the more learning I get the worse I seem to feel I ski though....

Oh well - lots more years of learning to go...
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Watching Marmot_mb's videos and reading his descriptions of his technical problems was creepy. Creepy because I felt like I was looking into a mirror. I am also self taught, same desire to launch myself into places I am not qualified to ski, and had developed many of the same problems. Arm waving, backseat skiing and no balance. Also thought total exhaustion was part just oart of the game. I finally had had enough and signed up for a PMTS "All Mountain Camp" last season. I considered Epic's but I live within easy driving distance of A-Basin.

Short story, my skiing was transformed in 4 days. I came out the camp able to ski literally, twice as long before tiring. My skiing before was so out of whack that I was burning my legs out in a couple of runs, fighting myself to get down the mountain is the best way I can describe it. I alos discovered what a real carved turn felt like, and the control that sprang from that improved my confidence and made skiing a whole lot more fun. I am going back again this year and will probably do the whole alignment, boot tune deal.

At any rate I went from a guy that thought lessons were for weenies to a camp junkie. What an idiot I was...... so many unnecessary bruises and contusions.
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Clayton, that's very cool. It's amazing how coaching can change our perspectives and really make a difference in our experience (positively or negatively!). I'm glad your's was a good one. Alignment is a big deal. Let us know how the new boots are!
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