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backcountry gloves

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are those cabela's ski gloves for real and has anyone tried them becus i mite pickup a pair, as far as i am looking they look exactly the saem as they're marmot/grandoe counterparts.

can you tell the difference?

one is marmot ultimate ski glove for 150$ one is cabela pinnacle for $39.99

unfortunatly from those pictures it is really easy to tell because i am too lazy to cut out the logos BUT what is the diffference between these 2 gloves?? i dont think these have a removable liner witch is a big negative for me.

i am looking for gloves that will be warm even at 0 degrees (farenheit) and preferably with a removable liner. suggestions?
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i went on the gore tex website and found the pinnacles under the "mountaineering" section so i guess they should be good for skiing?

has anyone used thes gloves what kind of liner do they have? and is it removable? and generally how warm are they in very warm weather and how do they fair in spring skiing weather?

if i decide to get these can i get a very thin liner and use it becus i really need sumthing removable so i cna dry it out at the end of the day.
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I have a pair of Marmot Ultimate gloves, and I can tell you that they are absolutely worth the price. Spending that much on gloves does seem a little nuts, but I love them. While from the pictures those gloves are superficially similar, I can tell you, even just from the low quality pic that the Cabela ones can't even come close to the Marmots.

The big difference is in materials. From that pic the Cabela looks to be made out of a pretty basic outer material, the sort you find on most relatively cheap gloves. That stuff soaks up water like nothing else, and will tear relatively easily - including from ski edges. The Marmots are made of a few different materials, and you can tell just from feeling them that they're tough stuff. The fingers are reinforced to prevent wear, and everything is very durable. The Marmot has a strap you loop around your wrist so you can take it off and just leave it dangling if you need your hands free.

My favourite part of the marmot design is the very large 'gauntlet'. I haven't seen any other gloves that cover that much of your forearm, and it's great in the backcountry, absolutely no way you're getting snow in your gloves.

Obviously its a personal choice, some people just don't want to spend that much money on gloves, but I feel that its absolutely worth it.
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ye unfortunatly i spent about 100$ on reusch gloves last year and they were absolutly $##@ my hands froze like every time i went skiing and in the spring the gloves were always wet. i was also thinkin about the burton gore glove? anyone have this? opinionS? umm anyhthing that has goretex and that will keep me warm in 0 degree weather is what i'm looking for and i dont want to spend 150 prefarably 70$ total with shipping bcus i live in canada so the shipping is pretty steep its always around 15-20 and thats still cheaper than buying a pair here in canada. AS LONG AS IT IS NOT UPS BECUS THE RAPE U WITH BROKERAGE FEES!
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i have 2 pairs..were on sale last yr for 25 a pair...feel they were bulky and only use as second pair on really cold days when my grandoes are wet,,, like my grandoe's better except the leather on palm side disinegrating in less than a yr
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howabout outdoor research gloves???
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Thankyou Lord Yes I Have Found An Outdoor Research Couloir Glove For 80$ And Free Shippijng Its An Amazing Glove So I Already Bought It Thnx For All The Help Anyway!!!!!
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