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Volkl P 40 tune

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Had my ski's tuned at my favorite shop after the trip to Stowe for ETU. They have not been the same since. The first time out I thought it was a combination of ski and me. I was skiing poorly. I tried again last night. They are really "Hooky" -- if I am lazy during transitions the new outside ski tends to want to rail to the outside of the turn. On top of that, if I do keep the ski going in the proper direction, it has no edge hold. It is so bad that I find them uncomfortable to ski on. I tried detuning the tips, changing feet and offering a virgin sacrifice to the snow gods all to no avail!

Any ideas?
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Check the bottoms with a true bar.
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Base trueness should not be compromising edge hold, though.

Honestly, skier_j, if I were having these problems I'd want an instructor to look at my balance and timing again.

Be that as it may, detuning the tips isn't going to help. Sharper edges *might*.

If you get utterly frustrated, send the p40s to me. I promise to dispose of them correctly.
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