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New boot/fit problem- Need advice

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This is a question for all of you shop owners and fitters. I bought boots last season and was assured the boots would fit fine. I skied only 15 days last season but already the buckles are almost maxed (the fitter moved both cuff buckles in) and my instep buckle is completely maxed. I do not want a boot full of padding and shims. I feel if the boots cannot be fit without all kinds of padding then they should replace the boot. I want to be fair but I also paid full retail plus a fee for a for "professional" fitter. Whats the best approach and what can I expect. Am I off-base here?
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Sounds like they sold you the wrong boot. If you are maxed out on all buckles, the boot is too big.
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How were they fitting last season? Do you remember who fit you at the shop? I would definitely go back to the shop (preferably at a real busy time) and try to get them to replace the boot. If not make a stink about the incompetant fitters working at the shop...
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The boot fit pretty well out of the shop with the exception of the instep which was not as snug as I wanted. He added some padding on either side of the foot and two bontex strips. The fit is fine length-wise. he moved the cuff buckles to the inner position which I was not too crazy about. My concern is by mid-season the boot is goin got be too lose.
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I'm no boot fitter so consider the source, but it sure sounds like the shop put you in a boot with way too much volume. I would have thought before making the modifications with the shims etc, they would have tried to get you into a shell that fit better to begin with. That's a shame.
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I was assured that it would fit. someone siad the fitter probably just thought I was an intermediate and I wouldn't notice. Not that I'm an expert but I am good enough to know when things don't respond or feel the right way.
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Fabricate a sole plate to fit under your liner

One cheap and easy way to compensate for a too big shell is to fabricate a footbed, or spacer, to fit between the shell sole plate and the liner. Use a material that will flex, but not compress. Start with 1/16" thickness. You can double up if need be. The additional thickness under the liner, raises the foot higher up into the shell taking up some of the volume. good luck. gordo
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