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One of the best, and certainly most challenging drills is the dolphin turn. You start by very rapidly pushing your feet ahead of you which causes you to spring off the tails of the skis and lifts the tips. With the tips in the air you rapidly pull the feet back under you while pivoting the feet. You land tips first with the tails in the air and steer the turn to completion. Then you do it all over again. When you first try it, it seems impossible. Keep at it and you will gradually be able to produce a decent one. It really emphasizes the skill of pulling the feet back, rather than moving the upper body forward, and is therefore a more advanced technique. It probably will benefit you more than your students at first, but once you can demonstrate it it is great for the higher end skier, especially if you are teaching them over the course of a few weeks.

It's not real good for the skis either, but it looks cool because it looks like you're skiing bumps without any bumps.

I watched Dave Merriam do this at the top of Killington a few years ago. He did it so smooth and in balance you would have sworn there were moguls under his feet. At that point everyone scattered, because there was no way we were going to try and follow that demo : My first thought was... Yeah, well he gets unlimited free skis if he snaps one.