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Anti-Perspirants for Feet & hands?

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Hola! Recall some discussion on using anti-perspirants to help against cold and wet feet/hands.

Does this really work?

Any particular brand/type stand out?

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Arrid extra dry cream (with aluminum chlorhydrate!). The spray goes everywhere and smells up the whole locker room so use the cream or maybe roll-on. It really works to keep your feet dry which usually means feet can be warm in your boot. You don't need to put it on every day. Once a week might be enough, I use it even less often because we only get an occasion cold snap around here. I don't know how it stops the sweat. I have not experienced any negative side effects. I keep it off my toenails so they don't dry out, but it probably doesn't harm toenails, I think it's safe.

For hands, it might not be effective, because the part that gets cold (fingers) is a lot farther from the part that sweats (palm). I have gloves with liners that keep my hands warm. Chemical hand warmers, gloves with pouch for handwarmers, mittens might help with hands.

My hands don't get cold when I ski because they are conditioned to the cold. I ride my bike with fingerless gloves whenever possible.
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I use it and it works. I use the spray and am probably going to get emphasima (sp). It helps keep my feet dry and they smell less too, a lot less. If I am away for a while and can't do a wash, my socks can be reused.
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Yes, it works. I suggest a solid like Speed Stick Unscented.
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Well, your reasons are very close to mine....

Thanks all, will now have warm and socially acceptable feet!
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Ultra Dry Degree
Men Sport

Spray on hands, feet, in gloves & in boots. Works wonders!
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Ban roll-on.

What was the verdict on aluminum and Alzheimer's?
Anyone have an antiperspirant that isn't an aluminum compound?
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Originally Posted by cantunamunch
What was the verdict on aluminum and Alzheimer's?
I can't remember....
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I prefer solids. The sprays are just too cold for my delicate system in the early morning hours.
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can't say on the spray antipersperants, but I occasionally use gold bond foot powder. Absorbs moisute, so theoretically its keeping my feet warm. Smells nice too, a lil messy to put on though.
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What was the verdict on aluminum and Alzheimer's?
Anyone have an antiperspirant that isn't an aluminum compound

Causes Irish Alzheimer's - that's when you forget everything but the grudge.
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And in another old thread, Cayenne Pepper was mentioned for warmth.

Your valued opinions (of those who've used it)?
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Tried the Arrid spray, no major effect on perspiration, but man did my tootsies smell nice, all day! Putting my tootsies up on the lodge chairs without one person leaving!
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That stuff's nasty dry brah. Gave me skin itch after an hour. Worse than county pool water without a shower after.
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Try Certain-Dry, it works for about two days before you need to reapply.
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Smelly feet and/or ski boots, cold feet - are problems I've managed to avoid. Wifey will testify to the bouquet, and I'll take the stand on the foot temps.

(1) Wash feet with warm water and soap every day.

(2) Use a clear gel antiperspirant like Arrid XX gel, use thin layer, particularly between toes - every day.

(3) Hotronics boot heaters.

(4) Boots that really, really fit.
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I just use baby powder on my feet before the ski socks go on. It just takes the claminess off from the drive. I've heard of people mixing cayenne pepper with it but I've never tried.

I don't use antiperspirant at all just deodorant. I figure sweating is pretty natural and chemicals to stop it don't make sense for a couple of reasons to me.
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Gpaul, what have you got on your head?
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Tks again all! This past trip I actually never took my boots off during lodge breaks or chow. My toes never got really too cold. Maybe keeping the boots on was the key? Or was it leaving the front buckles as loose as possible, and all the others as tight as possible?

WTFH, I usually wear a wool head/ear hat, plus a neck woolie, keeps those areas pretty toasty. Bula is the brand, bought them 6 years ago on a cold, windy day at Powder Mountain in Utah, hold on to them dearly!
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I'd heard this "anti-perspirant" idea a few years back. I decided to test it 2 years ago. Being the engineering tool/fool that I am, I sprayed one foot with Right Guard, & left the other untreated (the "placebo"). Sprayed foot was dryer, but not enough to make we want to make it a habit. It was a cold day, so sweaty feet were not a big deal. However, I did try the "split" again in the spring, and it did make a difference. Proper regulation of core body temperature is probably a better way to control sweaty feet.
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