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Time to clean out the closet, lots of stuff for sale. everything is priced without shipping, you pay what i pay. one pair of atomic 10.22's 183 cm no bindings not sure how old 4 5 years bases are in decent shape one deep scratch with p tex in it lots of edge left, used for two seasons, make an offer, basically just want to get rid of them. a pair of 2002 salomon s920/16's (20 din in the toe 16 in the heal) the toe only goes down to 14, the back 12 so you really should know how to ski if your buying these $125. Salomon race stock gs skis 188cm, these are from 2002 i think the model is 2ev or 2v, used two seasons, bases are in decent shape, not a ton of edge left, with salomon s916's on them same year as skis will seperate from skis, $150, 2003 world cup stock rossignol 155cm 9s slalom skis, bases are in good shape... well except for the core shot and scratch on the left ski, haha, not alot of side edge left, rossignol race 155 bingings, din 7-15, make an offer, again just looking to get rid of them. also looking for a set of atomic race bindings, this years or last. email me