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volkl karma turn radius change?

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Any one have any idea why the turn radius for each size has changed from last year to this year? Last years were far more attractive than this years. Each Radius from last year now matches this years ski in the next size down.
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The radius could not have changed because the sidecut didn't change. If you are seeing two values for the same size, one of them must be a misprint.
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I suppose it could change with an extreem change in the flex of the ski, but to the best of my knowledge its the same ski.,
So thats pretty much what i was wondering, if the misprint was this year or last year, because its not like it only says it once.. its in every single pice of literature published by volkl and everyone else as being dififernt.

But i think i may have solved it, I found a tun radius calculator somewhere on line and one of the things it does is estimate the effective edge (for a now twin tip ski) so what i did was put in 171 for the 177 and it came up exacty at 20.2 which was last year radius for the 177 and this years for the 169
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Flex has nothing to do it.

The values posted on Völkl's website, as well as all other manufacturer's sites, are sidecut radii. In short, they are an approximation of the radius of the cirlce from which the skis sidecut was derived. Keeping in mind, of course, that this is only an approximation because there are virtually no circular radius skis out there any more. Most are elliptical, some are still parabolic, and a few are dual-radius circular.

As for the Karma specifically, I think the values posted for the 05/06 ski seem more believable.

There is a formula to figure out the radius, but you need to know the distance between the widest part of the tip and the widest part of the tail, and you couldn't know that without having a ski in your posession.
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One of the calcuators for radius can be found here: http://www.math.chalmers.se/~olahe/Fri/skiradius.html

Even if you do not know the distance from the tail to the location of the narrowest waist dimension you can use 1/2 the length and get very close. Play around with the formula and you will see that for moving the point back 100 to 150mm does not make significant difference.
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