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Sizing for shape skis?

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I'm male, 5'10", 175lbs. and currently ski on 185 Dynamics I have had about 15 years. I ski mostly east coast but am venturing out West this year for the first time. Man I am stoked! Consider myself average to intermediate. Any rate, I am interested in the Metron M:10 or M:11 What do you think of these boards? What length should I go with? Is there two different widths and if so, what are the drawbacks/advantages? I am aggressive skiier and occassionally like to do a few jumps but the Dynamics are heavy and I am not THAT good. Any suggestions welcome. TIA!
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Heres a nice link to metrons sizing chart.

I cant comment on the m11, but I did demo the m10. I used the chart to pick the length. The length felt fine, the ski was very solid and stable. In fact I dont think I have ever felt so "connected" to the snow with any other ski. The ski is heavy to carry, but they dont feel heavy when you wear them. My only gripe was it was a little more stiff than I like.
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You will find a lot of love here for Metrons, grab a big glass of your favorite beverage, use the search button and you will get a couple of hours of Metron induced reading.
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ski model and sizing advice

i used the backcountry.com metron index calculator....cool, thanks for posting!

i'm not sure how the different skier ratings for the calculator are defined. if the choices were beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert i think i'd be closer to advanced than the intermediate mainly because, in my mind, experts have perfect form. i like fast gs turns on groomed runs most of the time.

i'm considering the metron m:10. the calculator says my metron index is 1236 and that i need the 164cm ski at 158 lbs, advanced, and medium radius turns. i chose medium radius as a compromise because i like to mix it up with some short and some big gs turns. how, if at all, will 7 cm shorter in the M:10 157cm effect quickness of turning and stability at speed?

if i go with the izor's, and considering the above parameters, which length would be best for me in the 9:7 v. 7:5?

finally, what would be the equivalent skis to M:10, izor 9:7 and izor 7:5 in other brands?

thanks in advance for any advice!
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