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Rent or buy...

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I am 5'10", 170 lbs. and consider myself an average/int. skiier. Spend most of my time at Snowshoe, WVA. Very little powder, mostly packed and groomed. I have been skiing the last 15 years on Dynamic 185's with Marker bds. Takes me a day or two back on slopes to feel solid under foot, heavy and demanding skis.
I am heading out West this year for the first time, Brekenridge and surrounding mountains. Have no idea what to expect but I am stoked! Thinking to buy a set of shape skis as I understand they will be much better than my DYs in the powder. (Should I even take my Ds?)
Tried shapes 1 time but it was on bad ice; conditions were terrible and I didn't get a chance to smoke 'em.
I am ignorant when it comes to what all the numbers are for (18/32/45)and what I should be looking. I hate to purchase a pair of skis that will not serve me well for the east coast as ultimately that is where I will use them the most. Suggestions? Rent or Buy, and if buy what is a good bargain on an intermediate to advanced ski? I want something I can grow in to. My style is mostly downhill with quick cuts and occassional easy carves. I don't jump much but only because I feel a little shaky, especially with those heavy Dynamics under foot.
If I rent, what type of ski should I be looking for when I get to CO? Are there any "deals" at any of the consignment shops/pawn shops in the area? I hate to spend a fortune on a multi-day rental when it is something I will most likely keep and use quite often throughout the coming years. I have definately gotten my moneys worth out of the Ds.
TIA and sorry so long winded!
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Buy boots, rent skis. Go to a good local boot fitter spend $3-500 for boots & fitting and rent skis when you go out west. Oh, and get yourself a lesson the afternoon of the first day out there.
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I second Phil on the fact that boots should be a priority when it comes to ownership. Mainly because rental boots often (always?) suck.

As for buying ski's, you could/should take this opportunity to rent different ones or demo. That way you will learn you preference before buying. Leave your Dynamics at home.

Alternatively you could look on Ebay for ski bargains. But that's easier for experienced folk like me than for you, because you don't know what you are looking for.

So to sum up (becoming long winded, grampa!!): Buy some decent boots, demo plenty of ski's and then hunt for bargains of the ski's or ski-types you liked. For example, many ski models don't change too much from year to year....hint hint
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As for which ski's to try, I'd mix it up a bit. For the powder I'd suggest a powder specific ski, the shop will know. As for what you may be purchasing and therefore demo-ing:

A Fischer Rx 6, Head XRC 800; Dynastar skicross 7 or 9, and similar.

As your home mountain doesn't feature powder I wouldn't go wider than 70mm in the middle. Also, seeing you skiing preference don't go too short, i.m.o. 170.
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