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A man gets on an airplane and finds his seat is next to a beautiful blonde reading a book. Wanting to strike up a conversation with the blonde, he says to her, "I heard making conversation with the person seated next you will make a long flight like ours appear to go quicker."

The blonde says, "Really, I haven't heard that, but, it does make sense."

The man responds, "Would you like to discuss a topic to make the time go by quicker?"

The blonde says, "OK, what do you want to discuss?"

The man thinks for a minute trying to come up with something that may allow him to impress her with his knowledge and says, "Lets talk about nuclear power."

The blonde agrees, "OK, we'll talk about nuclear power, but first, you have to answer a question."

The man responds, "Fine, what would you like to know?"

The blonde then asks, "A deer, horse, and cow eat the same things. So, why is a deer's poop BB sized, a horse's golf ball sized, and a cow's a huge patty?"

The man, with a puzzled look says, "I have no idea."

The blonde then says, "So what makes you think your qualified to talk about nuclear power?"