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Park City and Snowbasin

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Has anyone skiied Park City, Canyons or Snow Basin. Just wondering how they are and how much it looks like they need to open most of the terrain.
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I've skied all 3 in the recent past(last year) and this weeks storms MAY open up a decent amount of terrain. Post here for info from the locals as what the weather sites post may be very different from what reality is.
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PCMR good for 2 days MAX. Canyons and Snowbasin, forever!

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Skied Snowbasin today. Just about all of Middle Bowl is open (and most of it is skiable!) They will probably open up the area below Porkies this weekend (if they can convince the three resident bull moose to leave.) Beyond that, we'll have to see how this week of so-so storms will do.
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Snowbasin has great snowmaking, they should be open soon.
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