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You've probably seen a ton of these threads... but I need help choosing a ski!

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I'm an advanced skier who stays mostly on the groomed trails, but likes to venture into the glades every now and then. I'd also like to figure out how to ski the bumps better this year... maybe. In no way, shape, or form do I spend time in half-pipes or parks, skiing fakie and flipping all over the place. I don't stick to one style though; sometimes I make nice, long carves and other times I like making quick, snappy turns. It all depends on my mood.

I read through the sticky and it says I should list my personal specs. I am 6'3", male, and about 225 pounds. I've been skiing on Salomon X-Scream Series (185's) for the past four years (before those I skied on K2 483's). I am a New Englander, so I'm mostly at mountains like Saddleback, Shawnee Peak, Sunday River, Attatash/Bear Peak and Sugarloaf. Unfortunately, this means I never get to ski in deep powder, just groomed cords and the occasional powder after a storm.

I love my X-Screams. They are fast, manouverable, and I've grown very comfortable on them... but they're old and I want to try something new. I would love to demo some ski's, but I'm not sure I can find the variety of ski I want to try out. You see, since I've been on the X-Scream's for so long, I have no idea what other skis really feel like.

Here's the deal: I've been given a near-new pair of Atomic M:11's that are now on Ebay (with the Neox 412 bindings). It looks like they're going to sell for a decent aount of money and I've been looking at the following:

Salomon Pocket Rockets (and the 1080 Foils)
Volkl Karmas
Rossignol Scratches
Line Mike Nicks

My question is this: Will someone who's used to the X-Screams find the wider, softer, twin-tips unbearable at high speeds? Are they bad to use as a ski that's going to see a majority of use on the groomed stuff?

I'm also looking at Volkl 724 EXPs and Rossi Bandit B2s... but I figure if I'm keeping the X-Scream's around, why not try something really different?

Any of your thoughts are appreciated. Am I moronic for wanting a sexy pair of twin tips when I really only stick to trails and carve around?:
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x-screams are not that stiff, especially once you've skied them a bunch. Karma is one of the best EC skis around, apparently. I'd also check out the public enemies if you like the stiffer stuff. Pocket Rockets are a bit softer. I've been very unimpressed with every pair of Scratch's I've used. Just nothing to write home about.
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Would I feel a huge difference between the X-Screams and something like the Karmas or Pocket Rockets?
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probably, due to width, shape, stiffness and mount position. Twinnies usually mount more towards the center, so it will feel slightly less stable at first, and a little more agile. PR's should feel soft, flexy and responsive. Karma's apparently (I haven't skied them) feel a bit stiffer.
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of the skis you have mentioned the karma's midsole is pretty far back compared to any other tiwn.. if you check out some pairs on ebay or something like that you can see that when mounted at sugested they really dont have much tail at all, I think it will have the most traditional ski feel compared to any other tiwn out there, the Pe's are pretty stiff and i have been satisfied with mine for the last 2 years.
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OUt of curiocity....what is wrong with the M:11's that you are selling? I do all that you are looking to do on that ski and am loving them.
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Salomon Pocket Rockets (and the 1080 Foils) - great skis, soft, but still carveable on hardpack, and a blast in eastern trees.

Volkl Karmas - never skied but themhave heard great thing

Rossignol Scratches - noodly, soft, unstable one of the worst all mountian twins I have skied, does like bumps though.

Line Mike Nicks - never skied but I have skied alot of line skis, Line skis rival the Head Mad TriX, and K2 P.e. for the best all Mountaian twins out there.

As someone else said K2 Public Enemy should be on your list they ski very well for a Twin tip, also I ahve skied the Line chronic and like those even more than the K2s.
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I skied X-screams for three years. I loved them. Now my love is Metron B5. Nothing that i liked can compare with them. They are truly a one ski Quiver. Your concerns are quite legitimate. Do not sell M11s. You will love them. Or better still, get B5s.
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Well, I bit the bullet and just bought some 185cm Karmas. I'm so excited to get home and try them out!
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hey there,

you'll love you karma's. I have the 04/05 177cm's. I mounted them up w/ Solly 914's. I felt confident at all speeds, and was able to rail turns nicely. The tail doesn't have any issues sliding, so ripping off smaller turns was not a problem. Sun Peaks does not have too much snow, so there are rocks here and there. For this reason I did not take them off the groomers/hard pack.

I am confident in saying that you'll enjoy these skis.

have fun

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The bindings are going on today. It'll be good to try something a little different this year. This is the first time I've had Volkls.
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