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38mm sounds really high for just the ski + plate combo. Are you positive of this measurement? If the plate is removable you might consider replacing it with another VIST plate that would start you out lower. Most recreational bindings are at least 20mm at the heel. I really suggest you don't go beyond 55mm at the heel - that's a lot of lift.
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Actually, you are right. I did screw up the measurement. (I only had an inch ruler handy here and screwed up the conversion). They're actually 31-32 mm from the snow to top of the plate. So, with a FF or D10 binding I'd be about 52mm up, with the Cyber D9 I'd be about 62mm up. Would 62mm likely be too high? I do not ski with boot lifts, either.
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To each his own, but for me 55mm feels sky high so 62mm would be out of the question. What is the waist width on these new skis?

BTW - 32mm is still pretty high for a ski + plate combo (my Elan S12s are 21mm + a 13mm plate = 34mm total, the skis have a kind of built-in plate that makes them so thick). Any thoughts on replacing the plate? What is the actual thickness of the ski and plate separately?
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