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2006 Mountain Experience

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What have you done so far this season? Any backcountry turns? Thanksgiving carving? bombing with rock skis? I have 4 days in...my wife has 7. While everything seemed to start slow, Ullr seems to be waking up with force.

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7 days, 6 at Loveland, 1 at A-Basin. Conditions have been terrific so far, although this weekend Loveland was starting to get a little thinner. Didn't hit a single rock the first five days, then put my "rock skis" away and got out the good ones, after which I hit several rocks the last two days. Only minor damage, though.

This week it sounds like it'll be snowing too hard for me to make the drive. Darn...
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12 inbounds.

No backcountry, and frankly things are looking grim. The huge early season snowpack has rotted to the ground. On top we've got two large slabs that are now getting wind loaded with the latest fresh snow. Inbounds, I'm guessing most resorts have already started bombing to the ground for things to build back up in a sane manner. I do plan on going out either this weekend or in two weeks, we'll be staying low.
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1 day at Loveland
4 days at Snow King ("days" of about 2 hours each)

Out of Bounds:

6 days on Teton Pass (and Sunday was magnifique!)

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort opens four days from today.
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I have 11 days

I took my first trip to South America. I skied 6 of 7 days @ Portilo Chile.
It snowed 5 of the 7 days I was there (EPIC) September

I just went for opening day @ The Jane. I got in the lift line @ 8AM. Mary Jane was celebrating her 30 year anniversary and the opening of her first high speed detachable 6. They passed out cider in champagne glasses and we toasted the opening to live music (Nice) A yellow card was passed out too the first 150 people in the line-up this was to redeem a special free shirt celebrating MJ's 30th. (I got the shirt) When I got off the new lift I saw three guys with Season passes and riding fat skis. I followed them; everyone else was heading down the groomed road. The locals I was following cut into the woods. we came out on (Sluice Box) They hesitated I blew by and made fresh tracks all they way to the bottom of Rainbow Cut. I had fun. Best run of the 5 days, Saturday afternoon, it had been snowing for a good part of the day, i came upon a run called (Outrigger Trail) It was big well formed bumps with 3 to 5" of fresh cover. No-one was there! There were no tracks. I did it well. I will remember that run for along time.
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1 days in over a foot of snow Oct 25th at Hidden Valley, Pa
3 days lift serviced at 7 springs 25th-27th
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5 days at Copper and 2 days at Beaver Creek. BC was really good Sunday. Lots of powder and very few crowds..great skiing in Rose Bowl. awsome time except for a core shot on the old T-50s ..these are really my rock skis now!!!..so it goes..,a good start for 2005-2006!! will try and make it to Vail for Back Bowls opener tommorrow..they are expecting 12-18" by tomorrow pm
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8 days so far: hiked K-Mart Oct. 27, rode the chairs @ K-Mart on the 30th. 5 days @ Okemo and 1 on Mansfield.
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lame start

only one day at K-mart :

its still better than most people I know
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4 days touring
1 day inbounds at Brighton
1 at Snowbird
4 at Alta
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4 Days so far, which by the standards of Ohio (Where I just moved from) is abso-freaking-lutely amazing before december

1 Loveland - not much terrain, good cover, snowing and soft all day
1 ABasin - Same as loveland, snowing all day
1 Wolfcreek - not so good cover, but had a blast sliding grass and dodging rocks
1 Taos - Finally skiing in NM! Real good cover, nice and soft, snowing all day, and I'm starting to get my legs back!

Hopefully make it back to Taos this weekend if I'm not too preoccupied with a hot air baloon rally (being torn between 2 super fun hobbies sucks!). Then off to Breck next weekend. Woohoo, season is off to a super start for me
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