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Originally Posted by lurking bear
I used to wear a camelback under my coat, and still will if I'm going to drink LOTS of water. If you don't use the blowback technique, you can wet yourself by leaning back on the chairlift and squeezing the camelback.

Lately I've just been sticking a 16 or 20 oz bottle of water in my inside jacket pocket. It's less bulky and less hassle.
The higher end Camelbacks have a valve that shuts off the flow to the bite valve to prevent this. Or you cna buy the cheapest one and get the valve as an add-on.
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Originally Posted by Noodler
I use both a CamelBak SnoBlast and Scorpion (I also have the Zoid). The combination of the insulation and the blow-back technique mean you should never have a freeze up (I never have) and I've always worn my packs outside of my jacket.

If you don't mind looking like a weird crippled hunch back then by all means wear the pack under your jacket.
If you've ever seen me dress (or ski) you'll know that I don't give a crap what I look like : .
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Check out the "STASH" packs. Great hydration system. Insulated hose that zips into the insulated shoulder strap.
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