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Helmet Choice?

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OK, I've decided to finally protect what's left of my brain. I want to get a Giro Ravine SC ski helmet. The XL size fits me perfectly. Any reason why I should or shouldn't get this particular make/model?
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I really liked my Giro except for the perception of hearing everything as though I had my head in a bucket. Apparently, that didn't bother the jerk who stole it off the ski school sign while I was giving a beginner lesson in the sun on a 50-degree day.
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Well if you ever see the guy with yer helmet on take it off him then smack the guy upside the head, since he obviously doesnt have anything up there worth protecting.
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I'd put a Boeri on as well. Giro has made great helmets for a long time. Their bike helmets have kept me from a couple coma's for sure but I'm not sure if they feel as solid as a boeri. Good call on the helmet. Self Preservation instincts are a good thing to have.
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If it fits and you like it you're more likely to wear it. The ravine and boeri axis rage (convertable) both fit me well. I went with the boeri as I can pull the liner cuff out for spring conditions.

Lots of good helmet choices out there. Don't know if you can go wrong as long as it fits and gets worn.
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Well, I went to buy a Giro Ravine SC today as planned. Ended up with a Giro Nine.9 instead - it just felt at home on my head. My 13-year-old came home with a Boeri Axis Perf - more expensive, but he thought it looked way cool, which I figure is the most important thing. A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

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Smart move getting a helmet. I was Anti-Helmet two years ago, last season it just felt right. I'm looking for a more spring, warm weather helmet myself. So I'll have two of these pups soon.
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Lot of this going around. I just bought 2 Leedom Limit High Performance (for myself and gf) for $50 each (patroller discount at Cascade Toboggan)... last two they had [img]smile.gif[/img]

My youngest has been wearing a helmet for a year now, decided it was time for me.

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Used the new helmets for the first time yesterday. My son said his was warm and comfortable (and looked cool). I forgot I had mine on!
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I don't remember seeing any past threads about helmets that fit "long" heads (imagine plan view rectangle with semi-circles on short sides)? Anyone? Many helmets tried on, Boeri, Leedom, Briko, Carrera, and all seem made for rounder heads. Hat size 7 1/2 +, so I'm usually looking at an X-Large.
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John J.
Check out Jofa. It's a Swedish helmet that may work for you.
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John J,

I have a long head (maybe not as long as yours) and I liked Giros (have a Giro Nine in XL) and Briko Forerunners. Leedom and Boeri were definitely for rounder heads. Have not tried Jofa. good luck!
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I compared helmets the other day and was surprised that the Giro helmets weigh significantly less than the Boeri helmets. If they protect the same, lightweight is the way to go.
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