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Marker Piston bindings

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Okay i have the Piston binding on the TF and it seems to reduce chatter but how much its hard 2 tell. As the Nordica Top fuel is my first experince with the piston...I was just wondering if anybody has had experinces with the Top Fuel and or they have an opinion about it. I love the way the TF skies so i its hard for me 2 make a judgement on the Piston...It seems really good though
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not 2 many people on piston bindings i take it
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I have a pair of 1400 pistons on my Axis XR's from a few years ago. They are pretty damp, so vibration is not a factor either way, but they definitely have more power and rebound when I turn the piston on. I usually shut it off in softer snow, resulting in the skis performing better. I'm not sure why this happens, but the piston is better in colder conditions.
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I have the 1200 on one pair and 1300 pistons on my Volkl AX3's. I'm happy with performance and the feel on soft snow with the piston off. I have a female friend who never turned the piston off. One day in the soft snow I asked her to turn them off, she skied about 500 feet and stopped, said "I can't feel the difference". She turned them back on, skied 50 feet and stopped, she said WOW, and turned them back off.
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I have the 1200 on my 724 pros and prefer them in the off position also.
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How do you turn the piston on and off? I just picked up a pair of Speedmachines with Marker pistons. Thanks in advance. I have not been out on the yet, but am looking forward to it (and my first time with fixed heels in many years).
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ya how do u turn the piston on and off
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some pistons can be turned on and off. these are the a la carte piston bindings.

those on systems, as far as i know, are all simply "on".

i have not yet installed my pistons on my all stars because when i skied them last winter, there was no piston on them. i like the way they ski without. at some point i will mount them.
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Yes only certain models can be turned off. The systems can not be turned off.
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Considering buying 175cm 6 stars w/motion at bindings. The bindings are sold w/o piston but I'm told pistons can be added by shop. Is this true, and is it worth it? I ski east coast and Switzerland, both typically hard snow.. Thanks for any advice
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I have a couple pairs of Pistons - 1200 on XXX & 1400 on 6*. The 1200 can be turned on/off. I really like the piston on hard snow. With 1200 I did some testing, on hard snow there was less chatter and a smoother turn release w/ the Piston on. In light power, the piston does not do much besides add weight. I have gotten 3 additional wide skis since the XXX and all are mounted without any piston systems.

The one thing I don’t like about the piston is the clicking or the flexing of the piston when standing on steep hard snow. When it releases, it really pops the ski.
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