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Tecnica Icon Alu X Hotform vs. Diablo Fire HotForm

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I am looking into buying new Icons vs Fire. Icons are 30% cheaper.

1. Can anyone comment if the Fire model is signifcantly better then older Icon?

2. Other important differences?

3. Tried on Fire size 28 and it fitted well - may I safely assume that Icons 28 will fit ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Welcome to Epicski!

I recommend you ask Jeff Bergeron (who is probably one of the best bootfittes in the country).
Post the same questions in this thread: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=29323

Read the first post and follow his format.
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i did so

thx for a tip sywsyw

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what i can do is comparing an icon alu ultrafit 28 to the fire. the icon, for me, has better heel hold and stiffer flex. is probably runs a little smaller, too.
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Originally Posted by piatpif
i did so

thx for a tip sywsyw

Okay, since Jeff answered the questions on his thread 2-3 days ago, i don't think he would answer the new ones for at least another week.

I will give you my opinion.
first let me say that own a pair of Icon Alu Comps (one step above the Alu) and i tried the Diablo Fire, so i do not how how it skis but i can tell you this. IMO, the Diablo has a better flex pattern than the Alu Comp. I modified the Comp for flex but i am stil not satisfied with the results.

In terms of fit, i think that the Icon is not tight enough in the heel (Jeff said the same thing about the Icon). On the other hand, the Diablo Fire seemed tighter in the heel (the boot was new). So i do not know if the Fire is tighter in the heel than the Icon but i can tell you that the Fire is a "V" shaped boot (narrower heel and very wide forefoot). The last of the Icon is different from the Diablo. The Icon is narrower in the forefoot than the Diablo. I was swimming in the Fire (and the boot was new and i was in the correct size). So i would say that the Diablo has a narrower heel while the Icon has a narrower forefoot. Which is best depends on your foot shape. Both boots have thick liners.

I would pay some attention to the performance angles of these boots. The Icon has more ramp and less forward lean than the Diablo. The DIablo has a flatter ramp angle and more forward lean. which is best depends on the skier in question.

With regards to sizing, IMO the Diablo runs big. My advice is to downsize. I went one size down when i tried the Diablo compared to the Icon.

All in all, i could not say the DIablo is a better boot b/c i have not skied it (i would have to go three sizes down do get a decent fit in the forefoot).
You did not say anything about your ability level, but i found the Alu Comp to be a good boot for an intermediate skier looking to improve. It could work well for an advanced too, but i would not recommend it if the skier has passed a certain level. Even if Tecnica claimed it was the second boot in their top line, IMO the boot cannot stand up to the requirements of expert skiers. It is not quick enough. While the lateral quickness is good, it works if you do not ski too aggressively. So, as long as you do not ski very aggressively, the boot performs well.

Hope this helps,
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I'm coming from the Alu to the Fire. I down sized in the Fire. I can't get over how small the new boots are. I like the performance I have gained. I will say it is not as big of a gain as I felt between my Explosion 8's to the Alu's, but my 8's were pretty old. The Alu's I think I had for only 3 years.

I have had the same custom foot beds in all the boots. All the boot work was done by one of the best in the New England, may be the East.

I have about 20 day's in my Fires and I think the last adjustment in fit just about has made them perfect. I may have go back one more time.

I ski 65+ day's a season. My boot fitter would not put me into the Hot Forms, he said "I ski to much and was not convinced the HF's would hold up over time".

I see your new here so I tell you what a boot fitter should do, mine still did the same process when I bought my Fire's from him. The fitter should ask you how you ski and where you want to go with your skiing, (do you want to get better or just stay where you are). He should look at the shoes you wear everday, watch you walk, take a good look and feel of your feet and ankles. See how much flex you have. See how you stand and flex, then recommend some boots that might work for you. Then you begin the process of seeing which boot feels the best after you have them on and walk around the store for about 20 minutes each.

I have a Tecinica foot but he made me try on two other boots that were close before he let me try on the Fire's.

After we decided on the Fire's he had me stand on this mat attached to his computer to check my balance, after an adjustment he had me pretty much neutral.

If your serious about skiing, it makes a world of difference when you have a good fit. I have taken nap's with my boots buckled, they feel that good.
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Thank you all for your help.

I just returned from shop with a new shiny pair of Diablo Fire Ultrafit size 28. Unfortunatelly the level of service at shop you get here is not at standard you get in US. When selecting I had very little or no support and had to rely mainly on what I feel. I have them for three day trial with option to return/exchange if not satisfied.

Now, with these boots on I realized that my right foot is different then left : - it is just flatter i.e. less arched. The result is that the right boot feels tighter, maybe to tight in mid foot area, especially on the inner side. I plan to keep the boots on at home for few hours and see how it goes.

In an event I would have to change them would you recommend:

1. Get one size bigger (i.e. 28,5) Ultrafit hoping that bigger mid foot will help.

2. Get same size or one size bigger but Hotforms hoping that the forming process solve the foot difference.

3. Try some orthopedic insole for righ foot?

4. Other?

(I very much like the design and features these boots have and would like to stick with Diablo Fire if only possible)

Once again thank you for your help.

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