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"Shaped skis aren't made long enough!!"

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Well, these are not my sentiments, but the words of a no doubt "pro" who really knows the ski world. Please permit me to indulge myself and share with you the lastest experience that I had with Mr. Ski at my brother's shop here in SoCal.

His standing in the ski realm was revealed at his announcement of "You got anything in a de-tuned race stick over a 204-cm?!" Of course, my brother and I cracked a smile at that. He continued on, "I don't want a shaped ski...they don't make them long enough!" We chimed in, "Have you tried any of the 'shapes' lately?" "Yeah", replied the pro, "they are all too short and soft!" We then led him over to the wall where a pair of Rossi 9X Pro (196-cm) sat for a sweet deal of $200. I said, "Here is a pair for a hard-charger, but a 196 is the longest size." I suppose that it might be important to note that Mr. Ski Pro was about 5'8" and 210 lbs...the model of a male athlete. He then went for the hand flex test and claimed that the skis were just "too soft." Upon hearing that, I said with a grin, "we should go skiing so I can show you how much fun those little soft skis can be." He replied, "I'll cream you!" At that point he was obviously a lost cause still clinging to the ski scene of 20 years ago. As a final attempt to increase the awareness of my new friend, I showed him a pair of 198 Atomic 10.EX, that I said would "change the way he looked at skiing forever!" He replied, "Are they a GS or Super G cut?" He then said, "these are some kind of powder boards...I wouldn't need these." The conversation drifted with comments from the Pro about his 214-cm Super G boards and how the ski world is just for wimps now. Boy, oh boy! How can a guy like this still exist!

Okay, my little story is done. After all of that, I was a bit glad that the "pro" was unable to find anything to ski. I just don't feel a brotherhood with "his type". So, what do you think...am I a "ski bigot?" :
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Maybe the guy should watch the world cup skiers!!Thet are on short skis and tearing things up!! TAC
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You mean there might still be a buyer out there for my Atomic RSG 209cm with D-Flex plate? Send the fool, I mean potential buyer my way. I only use these skis for the occassional Super-G and Rec DH now.

I get the same people all the time when I do demos. I haven't got my fleet yet, but I think most models will be 180cm as the longest. Ride 10ex in 184 and 191 and Race 10.22 183, 188 and 193 will be the few over. The only other models to be in my fleet might at 190 are the Ride 10.20 and 11.20. Everything else in the whole line tops out at 180 or below.
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Did you ask to see how long his : was?
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I skied on some 196 cm. Rossi 9X Pros and found them to be more ski than either my 208 7Xs or my 206 G9s. That is a hell of a lot of ski & even some of the best racers on my old mountain had to get it in lengths shorter than 196 and they were the ones that always raced an 210s for GS and 205 for slalom.
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Don't kill me for going OFF-TOPIC (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhh) but can anyone tell me what length the DH'ers are on today. I DO know the skis in wc dh can't have a turning radius of UNDER 40 but i'm wondering how long the boards are these guys (and the women) are running on.
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the past few years I tried to get my older brother off his 204 RD Valdez so-called all mtn boards. He poo pood the idea of the new ski designs. Then he broke his RD's. He came to visit last spring. I talked him into the Bandit xx in 184. When he skied up to me on our first run with his eyes wide and a huge grin I knew he'd understood. As soon as we got home he called REI and bought the last pair in their entire inventory.
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Don't be too hard on him.. he is only the second generation in his family to walk upright.

too bad, this would have been your chance to get rid of some old stock.
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Ryan - DH skis are still pretty long, Stockli sells a world cup stock DH ski in a 214, and SG skis in 207 and 210. Here is the link - http://www.stockli.com/race/axs.htm - look at the info beneath the lengths for the slalom ski.
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Today my 193 Monsters were too short, (and too skinny) It was very deep and still very fun. But I would have appreciated 10 more cm.
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Atomic's DH skis are up to 218cm. The running length is equal to the old pointy tipped 223cm of yesteryear.

Men's DH 214cm & 218cm
Men's SG 210cm & 214cm

Women's DH 210cm & 214cm
Women's SG 205cm & 210cm
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He's my long lost brother! I hate going into a ski shop looking for boots, becuase they always try to sell me skis since most of the boots are too soft. I'm not a purist, I just am cheap and kinda like my 210's, they fly. Now, I know you're gonna say your 150's are stable at speed, but you mine as well save your breath. I know someday this guy and me will get shaped skis and wonder why we waited so long, but oh well.
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Do you want to buy some 209 Atomic RSG? Excellent condition. Includes a D-flex and ESS VAR 10-18 bindings.
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Send That pro to Garts Sports every year they bring out a bunch of the Old straight Long skis to sell at the Sniagrab sale.I sure he and anyone else stuck in a time warp could stock up on 214 cm detunded race stock skis to last the next 50 years or more for under $200.00
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Glen Plake is about 5' 8" annd skis K2's at about 215cm. Not many can dis him. To each his own I guess.
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Utah I can pick up new from 99-00 models for $200 Can. Should be able to get straight race skis for $99can. At one place straight skis were free if you bought bindings.
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I've got a friend like that! He's 5'6" and skis 210s. He sneers at everyone on shapes. Whatever....

My Dad did the same thing when we got a microwave in 1978. I would catch him heating soup on the stove. When I asked him why he didn't just use the microwave his response was that it took too long.

Some things die hard.
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Bandit Man,

Give the guy a Xmas present. Rent him some high performance 188-193 cm.skis, as long as he is willing to pay for a private lesson, on how to use the skis. You agree to pay for lunch and you both buy your own lift tickets.

Let the experience of skiing shaped skis, speak for itself.
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Send all those guys my way. I've got a whole basement full of skis longer than 200cm, most still in great condition. I'm clearly not man enough to ski them anymore, so I'll sadly allow them to be stolen from me for, say, a buck a cm....


Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Isn't it amazing Bob how we have become such wimps!? [img]smile.gif[/img] Here I thought I kept getting better with time, but since I'm now on sub-200cm skis full time I've clearly become a pansy!

Heck I used to freeski on my DH boards (some 218's and some 225's) just because I could. But now I feel like I'm ripping far harder on my 173's and 183's but then, it probably just *feels* like more radical skiing because I'm such a wimp now! <sigh> How did we fall so far in such a short <short?> time?

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I'll take $5.00 worth and hold the mayo
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QUOTE from Banditman: [His standing in the ski realm was revealed at his announcement of "You got anything in a de-tuned race stick over a 204-cm?!" Of course, my brother and I cracked a smile at that.]

That's one of the things I dread now-a-days about visiting shops - the salesmans' superior knowing smile when you mention... well... anything you do in skiing. Are you automatically a dork if you're not on the absolutely lastest thing on the racks??

And to all you know-it-alls that scoff people with seemingly archaic notions - where were you 20-30 years ago when my brother and I had to buy slalom skis to use in GS courses because the GS skis of the time barely had any sidecut? The shop people back then used to think we were idiots when we complained there wasn't enough sidecut on the GS skis.

And how 'bout a few years ago when Bandit-193 was shot down while trying to explain the virtues of fat skis. Most members said they were for people who didn't know how to ski powder - but now those same people are giving 'knowledgable' reviews on these fats like the attributes have always been obvious.

You hindsight genius's just continue to give this sport a great name!
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Cheap Seats,

Your point is well taken. There is a bit of an "air" that shop folks can give off, and that is not always a good thing. I can come off as a "know it all". My knowledge is lacking compared to many on this forum, ut compared to the average skier, I do know quite a bit. I hope that on occassion, that knowledge can be used to help others enjoy skiing.

Concerning my experience with "the Pro", I guess that I failed to mention that the shop that my brother works at is a Gart Sports owned shop that had a wall full of the latest goodies (10.EX, XXX, X-Screams) and a rack full of old straights for under $49 (G9's, RC4's, Pre-Beta Atomics). Watching the "Pro" sort through the "old school" rack gave away what he was after. He wanted old skis. Nothing wrong with that. We didn't show any disrespect at that, but rather at the attitude that oozed from his aura. It was as if he was angry at the whole shaped ski thing and that he wanted everyone to share in his pain. Remember, "shaped skis aren't made long enough." I thought, on the other hand, that he might find some joy in the fact that a nice straight GS board was now $49 brand new, instead of $499. Either way, "the Pro" couldn't be satisfied.

So, does my attitude get in the way sometimes? Probably. Did it with Mr. Pro? Perhaps a little. Would he have bought a pair of skis if we hadn't "got his number"? Maybe, but most likely not.

Hey, I love skiing. I pride myself in getting those not exposed to the new way our sport is moving involved in it once again. I love to see that smile come to the face of a friend who rips a nice carve on his first time on a shaped board. I love getting people back into this great sport. So, yes, I have an attitude about skiing. I love it. I love it when others love it, too. But, when someone has lost the love for this sport, and doesn't want to get it back, like "the Pro", I really don't feel the loss. He must have somehow grown too big for the sport. So sad for him. I am having the most fun ever on my skis and I hope it just keeps building!
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