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PS - I may be a gumby & a chicken.... but the speed skaters keep trying to steal me because they think I have nice technique (hey I'm terrified and stiff - I am sure I skate like a rock) ..... It took my instructor to explain in gory detail that speed was NOT an option to get them to quit....

I have no idea - just go find an IISA trainer & ask them all about it.....

I am pretty sure at least one Oz full cert ski instructor is qualified with IISA - not sure about what level though... He teaches the skate to ski classes (good skate technique to get good ski technique & ski fitness)...

Asking me is like asking a person on a blue run how you should teach skiing....

Find a properly trained trainer & get good answers
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Originally Posted by disski
A bit more weight on one & you travel an arc..... reverse when you run out of room to go the other way.... now you can go forwards in slow curves.....

Have a look at the skating teaching books - Get Rolling is one I think that the guys used to have in the shop.... (skate park upstairs to teach tricks rails etc)
I bet if you watched this on video or did this over damp pavement (leaving tracks), you'd see that your feet are parallel. Pressuring one skate as opposed to both is not mutually exclusive from parallel skating. To be in a wedge, you are on opposing "edges" with your toes pointing at each other (tips closer than tails). Since wheels on pavement don't slide sideways very easily, the only way you could point your toes together is if you started with your feet very far apart and pulled or let them run together until they hit, or until you point them apart (reverse wedge) and let them run back apart. But it would be near-to-impossible to keep a constant width stance and keep your feet in a wedge unless a) you got some insanely strong legs, and b) you're on a wicked steep hill.
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Yes - wedge = 2 inside edges (skates have 3 edges each not 2) I remember my first lesson very well......

& if you ask skierj the skate book I stole for a bit even told him how to fix his heel braking... (I forget how.... just remember typing sections out)
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As I said - find an IISA instructor trainer.... arguing with me is like arguing with a blue run skier - pointless!

I know only what I have learnt so far & that has been adjusted for my disability & original requirement that skating was to aid my skiing (they did not teach body rotation early on as it would interfere with skiing.... only when I made the decision I wished to learn to skate for its own sake)
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ther you go

if you click find an instructor that should set you up
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Beginner Movement

  • Stride I
  • Swizzle

Advance Beginner Movement

  • Stride II
Beginner Turning

  • A-Frame Turn(L/R)

Advance Beginner Turning

  • Parallel Turn(L/R)
Beginner Stopping

  • Heel Stop 1
  • Grass Stop

Advance Beginner Stopping

  • Spin Stop (L/R)
  • Stride III
  • Backward Swizzle
  • Backward Movement
  • Slalom
  • Forward Crossovers(L/R)

  • Two Foot F/B Transition
  • Two Foot B/F Transition
  • Backward Power Slide (L/R)
  • T-Stop (L/R)
*Must be demonstrated in both directions or on both feet.

This is their exam for level 1 instructors.....

Note that even swizzles are on 2 inside or 2 outside edges - ie NOT parallel & you travel forward (or backward) & can be done by beginners like me!
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