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Predator wear

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Any experiences with Predator wear? Being on the patrol, I only need a shell for my vacations. Since I wear red-and-black every day, I think it's time to put away the red-and-black Columbia shell. Are they breathable? It's the Katana model with Ram air and Bola-Tex. Teflon coated and taped seams. 20,000 waterproof and windproof. It has 4 vents and a ton of pockets. Anybody use them? let me know what you think. Thanks, Aceman ps, sorry for the dpl post as I also put this in the gear review.
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I have an Axis jacket from last year that is very breathable. The vents work especially well. Although its a shell jacket , it has a removable vest and overall is quite warm.

However, I already had it replaced once due to stitching on a zip coming undone. My replacement has had a zip come away at the seams after catching the rear vent on something whilst walking by. The same may have happened to any jacket though.
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My wife bought a Predator Shell/Jacket liner combo from a shop in Taos last year and absolutely loves the quality. Breathable, form fitting and functional were the adjectives she used. Very high quality stuff imho.

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