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2006 bandit B3's

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so ive skied rossis in the past, took some 185 xxx's to canada a couple of years ago and found them floaty but too soft for the crud and speed and too noodly at speed too. also slow edge to edge. so this years b3's looked really good, checked out the reviews, flexed them at the store, much stiffer than the old xxx's, there were some old ones in the store to compare the flex to. did my research and found a really good deal on some 184's. today i was at rei and they have them in a 190! nowhere on the internet, even the rossi site mentions a 190! im a really big guy at 235 / 6'2". is the 184 big enough? i thought i was buying the longest b3. what do you guys/ gals think? any input appreciated, erich
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A difference of 6cm shouldn't be that big a deal should it? I mean I'm about the same size and I get along fine on 167's. 184 seems plenty.
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i know i know

ive skied even shorter skis but when i was in the 185 xxx's there didnt seem to much to the tail . maybe the extra stiffness will make up for it - bizzare though, rossis own site, also backcountry.com etc no mention of a 190....?!
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Maybe the store mislabled them perhaps?
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nah i seen 'em in person this afternoon- e
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bump- any thoughts?

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no mention of 190 2006 B3 even on rossi's site

bump? any thoughts?
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What's the difference in price? If you can get a really good deal on the 184's but price is no concern, then go with the 190's. Then you can have bragging rights on the slopes that you got the longest B3's.
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very strange. 184 is the largest 2006 B3. I have seen B3s in both orange and green though. In fact, the B3s sold in the european market look exactly like the B4s.
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but go to the rei website:
and you see the 190's, i went to the store and saw them myself in person- thing is i already bought the 184's....
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5' 7" 185lbs have been on the 176 since mid last season. I love this ski. The 184 will be sufficient
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