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demos in Vail

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I plan to demo some skis next week when I am in Vail for a few days (was up there yesterday- 8" of fresh and great weather! ). I started calling a bunch of shops to see if they had what I wanted. My list so far includes the Bandit XX and B2, Volant Machete Soul and vertex 71, Atomic Rex, all in short lengths (about 165-170). I know that I can demo the XX's for free at the Rossi demo center on top, and the (pay) demo center there has the Rex in my size (should have skied them yesterday in the powder!), but I have not been able to find anyone who's got the Volants (kenny's has the Machete Truth only). The B2's seem to have not yet made it to Colorado. What's more, I was rather appalled at the answers I got from some shops- they don't seem to know alot about the skis that they sell (one person, supposedly their "expert", told me that the Soul is next year's version of the Truth)

Any leads? I would prefer a shop in Vail (I'll be staying in LH) so I can easily pick them up and trade off different models.
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I've had very good experiences with Gorsuch Ltd. in the village. They'd be worth a call. They have a website, but it doesn't help much from a demo rental standpoint.
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