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Bandit sale advice.

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Now the sales are upon us i have a question,on behalf of a friend (no really!)He has the chance to buy a pair of Bandit X's,ski's only, for less than £180.00 ($270.00?)any suggestions for what bindings to go for?anyone have sucess with bindings other than Rossi?
Also,does anyone know wether, with the introduction of Salomons "Hot" fatter range, have they done away with last years 70mm waisted Scream Pilot completely,all the 2004 press is about the wider models.
Thanks all.
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(A) Rossi bindings work, and

(B) When you put Rossi bindings on Rossi skis, it extends the warranty a year.
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I like the Rossi Axial T-Plate bindings on my Bandit XX. They come in 3 DIN ranges, the 100 model that goes to DIN 10, the 120 model that goes to DIN 12 & the 140 model that goes to DIN 14. The Axial binding has great retention and is relatively light compared to most other bindings. The T-Plate gives you extra height which helps with carving.
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Mike, I think bindings are a personal thing, some people will argue that brand x is better than brand y, but I feel it's safe to say that at the end of the day they are all quite good.

When choosing bindings keep in mind the intended use. For example a ski you intend to use mainly on groomers may benefit from a riser or higher binding, however the same could not be said it you intended to ski mainly off piste.

If you do a search on bindings here I'm sure you'll find a wealth of information.



PS I use Markers on my XX
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I bought Marker 1200 Free's for my AxisX because they have a picture of a chick in bikini and boots on them.
Well OK it wasn't the ONLY reason, but it was a bonus!
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