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Jackson Apartments?

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Hey all,

I'm looking for an apartment/room in or near Jackson for the winter. I've got an offer to share a living room at The Aspens, which would be great, but it's a bit pricy for sharing a room. Does anyone need a roommate or know of anyone who does?

Just graduating college this December and am planning to ski Jackson from then until late March, at which time the corporate life begins.

Thanks, -kb
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I am headed to Jackson on Friday. Have not worked out a place to stay yet but one of my buddies is headed there now and is going to scope out a place to live.
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Click on the classified button and you'll find listings for the weekly "for rent" ads. Some of the larger employers also have unofficial help for employees trying to find rooms and roommates. The biggest employers in JH are the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (the ski area), Snow King Resort (the other ski area), St. John's Medical Center (the hospital), and Four Seasons Resort (the big hotel).

A call to the HR departments in those businesses might turn up something.
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Cheap Place in Town (It's all relative!)

My girlfriend just moved out of a place in town. It is only one room but it has a kitchenette and bathroom. THE PLACE IS TINY, but it is only $450/month and that includes utilities. PM me and I will try to put you in touch with the guy that is renting it, I could possibly get some pics for you as well.
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