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L.e.d Goggles

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Wouldn't it be cool to have LED like 2 or 4 or 6 white ones or blue ones implanted into the various holes in your goggles to help you see say for night skiing:. The other day i soldered a couple leds bought from radioshack and it was damn easy and they produce huge amounts of light is u hook them up to ther upper limit voltage. I was wondering if maybe the people who have wisdom goggles (i will soon be proud owner of a pair) could implant a couple leds into those massive intakes below the lense that would look so cool and it would be functional for night skiing especially for all the people who complain about low light, YOU COULD ALSO GO TREE SKIING AT NIGHT!!!!! LOL if anyboy has doen this plz post pics, then again an easier way out would be to use one of those led headlamp things but thats not as cool!!!
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i'd be a bit concerned with glare hindering my vision more than the light would help it- and they make headlamps precisely for this.
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Got rice?? Waits for the "Pimp my Goggles" thread in the coming weeks

I can't see how a few LED's are going to help with forward light to a degree where it becomes useful. As Takecontrol618 stated, I feel that the refracted light would become a hindrance rather than an aid. Just get a miner's helmet lamp if you're so concerned about the amount of light available when night skiing.
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I saw a Guy with a special led metal tube flashligt strapped to his helmet amd boots and pack!!
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i see fine at night but i just think if u designed it rite u would look like a dude out of a video game like halo2 and it would look real cool.
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Come clean and admit it -- you're one of the 7 people who bought those neon headlight washer jets a few years ago, right?

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I have an uber bright LED bike light with 3 white lights and even though you can be seen from 100m+ the usable range is only about 5m in a small patch, which means you still run over some stuff you don't mean to. To have enough light to be able to ski by, especially in the trees you would need at least 20-50 of them.
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staff pro - check out the following links for a review of mountain bike lights and compare the light from 20 LEDs vs a single halogen bulb. With the current lights, mounting LEDs to your goggles will ony make you look like a gimp.

...and check out the high intensity discharge lights - freakin cool!
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