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Going to Telluride - any advice?

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Yea! I'm going to Telluride Dec 8-12. Staying at Telluride Lodge near base of lift 7 (Coonskin).

I need advice - cheap places to eat, things to do, etc. Taking my sweety.
What area is for beginners? Guess we'll take the gondola to mountain village then ski the blues and greens off of lift four.

Any advice?


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If you have never been there before you will be blown away by the beauty. The setting of the town really is like no other place in the country. A very romantic place to take your "sweetie." Careful you don't get drunk and accidently propose. Between the altitude and the atomosphere it is not as crazy as it sounds. That being said, the skiing looks pretty bleak right now. They only have a few runs open, all of which are probably fine for beginner/intermediates. If they open up Prospect Basin you will also like that.

You can go up the Coonskin lift (#7) right outside where you are staying and ski down from the top to the Mt. Village, which is where all the open runs lead to. (Lift #7 is only open for access and you cannot ski under it yet.) The other option is to walk or take the free shuttle about 4 blocks to the gondola, which will take you to the Mt. Village.

If you are beginners I would not recommend skiing down the Telluride Trail at the end of the day, or downloading on Lift #7, take the gondola back to town. The Telluride Trail is narrow and icey and will be crowded, which makes it no fun at best and dangerous at worst. Lift #7 is a steep ride down and can be scary if you have a weak stomach.

Telluride is generally very expensive, but there are a few cheap places. Check out Tellurice for good asian food, and Sophios for Mexican. Baked in Telluride is a great stop for coffee, pizza, bagles, sandwiches, or breakfast anytime from early morning to late at night. Fat Alley BBQ is funky, but good bulk food for the price. Also the Last Dollar Saloon ("the Buck") for the cheapest drinks in town and a view of the locals, but no food. Everyone from the Mayor to the Mexican laborers hangs out there. The brew pub is also pretty reasonable for food and drink. Check the posters and free papers (I think there are 3 now) around town because they usually have some decent music. If the skiing sucks you can take a trip to the hot springs in Ridgeway (more expensive but private) or Ouray (large public pools with incredible views). They also have an NHL size hockey rink at the end of town if you want to watch some hockey or skate.

The Mt. Village is generally more expensive and lacking in charm compared to the town side, but you can find some moderately inexpensive places to eat and drink. The gondola is a fantastic free ride day or night. You can see all the way to the La Sal Mountains in Utah where Moab hides on the other side.

It looks like there is some snow on the way before you get there, so they should be opening up some more runs. Don't forget the sunscreen. The high altitude sun will cook you pretty quickly. Enjoy!
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Beginner runs in Telluride

Hey Dwoof2,

Looks like we could get some more snow before you come out. Sure hope so. Right now only one run, and not all of that is open, Lift 4. Hopefully Lift 10 will be open by the time you get here. It has a pleathora of wide double greens with some nice little drops. To get there get to Lift four and follow the signs. Ski down our bunny slope, "The Meadows", and Lift 10 is at the base. Actually "The Meadows" is a decent little warm up run itself, about 350 vertical.

I surely hope Prospect Basin is open by the time you get here. There is a double green off the top and several ways to Lift 12 staying on double greens. If you decide to be a bit more adventurous there are other routes as well. I would be cautious of the headwall behind the lift. It gets scraped off and can be really dicey.

If you are into the good blue stuff (I'm a true bluey) look at runs off of Lift 5. Access is from the top of lift 4. It's intermediate heaven. Also, you can access Prospect Bowl from the top of lift 5.

From Prospect Bowl Lift 14 takes you to the top of the mountain (take your camera, the view into Bear Creek Basin is breathtaking)at 12,255. See Forever is a long single blue that will take you to lift 4.

Basically, the runs toward the Telluride side are blacks and double blues, the other side of the mountain has many beginner and intermediate runs.

PM me before you come and if you would like I'd like to take you on a tour of the mountain. It is truly spectacular here. The rise from town to the top of Dallas Peak is about the same (8,750 to 13,809) as the Grand Canyon.

Looking forward to having you visit us.
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Originally Posted by mudfoot
If you have never been there before you will be blown away by the beauty.
Perhaps in the fall that might be true, but after living there and visiting a few times, I must say that the effect of the terrain strikes one differently. It is quite AWEsome (as in aweful). Then consider the cold. It is quite frigid in early December after the sun starts to set. You may not find snow, though, as any early snowfall has a big risk of melting quickly. If you get a chance, do me a favor. Go into the Lumber yard and find out if Moser is still there. Tell him Nater wants to know. Then you can pump him for some local suggestions.
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You are going to love T-Ride!

The really cheap places to eat are not as memorable to me. But Honga's Lotus Petal is moderately priced and really good if you like Sushi and other Asian food. My favorite is the Blue Point. It is expensive, but worth stopping by for a drink in their basement bar -- it is very cool. The Nugget theater is a unique place to see an Indie film and tickets won't break the bank. You are going to love T-Ride!
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Thanks all for the info. I printed it and will take it with. GF is stoked also!

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You will love it, it is absolutely gorgeous!! A shame you aren't staying at the New Sheridan, my husband and I spent Valentines Day this year in their rooftop hottub. But at least visit the bar for a drink.

The chinese restaurant - Shanghai Palace?? In the main street is fantastic- the kung pao beef and the volcano prawns - the staff are friendly and the service great, cheap too.

The best value on mountain food is at the Skiers Union, same for a drink after quitting for the day, it's a locals hangout, but they are mostly very friendly. Seth looks after his customers very well.

Skiing, well everywhere is great, you will love Prospect Bowl, and don't forget to ride chair 10(?) for the aerial tour of the mansions of the rich and famous.
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Early ski Telluride?

Well don't plan on the whole mountain because there are not enough skiers to require it. In the last few years - Prospect Bowl, Gold Hill and sometimes Chair 10 - do not open until the weekend before Xmas.

(Last year was an exception - tons of snow by Thanksgiving, but chair 5 broke down for half the weekend. Therefore, they opened Prospect early - and kept it open).

For beginner/intermediate during early ski:
Chair 1 - Meadows obviously.
Chair 4 - anything open
Chair 5 - ditto
Chair 6 - See Forever is a really nice run. The other blue - Woozley's - is generally too steep and icy to recommend.

If you are looking for a nice meal out:
La Marmotte is always good. Cosmo is very good too -- generally they do an entree special (like all entrees $10 or $15) one night a week early season -- call to find out. It's a very good value. The Sheridan Chop House is under new management this year and is very good.

Eagle can be good. Honga's is always pretty good - but pricey for Thai/Jap/etc. Nice space though. Fat Alley for BBQ. Sofio's is pretty good Mex - but sometimes service can be iffy.

If you are looking for a Sunday football break:
Smuggler's Brew Pub. They have ALL the games on numerous TVs.

Some side trips:

Trout Lake/Lizard Head Pass -- A nice 30 min drive outside of Telluride that is incredibly scenic. You could rent some snowshoes, stop off at the first parking area on the pass (on the right) and do a small snowshoe hike in great scenery.

Bridal Veil Falls - Go down to the end of the Telluride Valley and take a look (5-10 mins by car from town). You can hike up the trail a bit too. Generally there is enough foot traffic that you do not need snowshoes, but have higher boots. Do this even if you just drive down -- the perspective is much different than town.

Gunnison National Park. It's 30 min from Montrose towards Gunnison. Can check out to/from the airport if you are flying into Montrose.
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