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Jr Race Skis

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I have a second year J5 (10 year old) who is in the market for a new set of sleds-

--pretty competive skier (consistently top 10 in the Northern Vt council)

--light and small- maybe 75 lbs dripping wet, but very strong on his skis- and can set an edge in bullet proof --

we are seriously looking at ('03) last year's Volkl P50 JR SC racing

anybody out there have an informed opinion?? other skis to recommend?

thanks- michael
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On Ebay now.....
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I've got a hot JV who skis on those. They work.
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At 75 pounds the skis on e-bay are just too long for your son.

At 100 pounds, my son skis a 149 GS and a 138 SL. He does have a few "long boards" that he plays on occasionally .... 163 P-40 Volkl GS, but they are too long for race use.

At this age there is no "perfect" ski. Get used to spending a few dollars here. Are you going to send him out to run a slalom on his GS stuff? At the 5 level you can get away with that to a point but that will change with the 4's.

The best thing you can do is to hope he can get a few rides on his friends skis to find something he will like to ride.

His P-30's were too soft ...... the Atomic replacements were to stiff and choppy ..... P-40's were too long but had good feel... but the P-50's were too soft ..... $$$$ : He's pretty happy now on Stockli ....... but .... (see it's never easy) ... he decided to run his first three GS events on his SL's because one of his pals had been doing better in GS on SL's.

If you are still sane by the time they make J-3 ..... it's a bleepin miracle.

My big challenge last season was to get one kid to buckle his boots during races. He did and actually saw the podium. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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I agree with the sage advice provided by yuki. I have a first year J3 and a second year J5. Both girls are picky about brand, color and what their friends are using. Both have been racing for 3-4 years. My advice would be:

- do not go long on size, choose shorter if their is an option; coaches would rather kids learn to carve a smooth round arch rather than "throw" a fast ski through a course; learning to arch and connect the archs smoothly is much easier on a shorter v. a longer ski; once it is second nature there will be plenty of time to go long in a few years.

- if you get a separate SL and GS ski for your young racer, stay within the same manufacturer; generally the balance point/sweet spot or feel is common within a company product line. There is adaptation between SL and GS technique...the commonality or "feel" is important for quick adaptation for a specific event or training session. That way they are adapting to the different side cut and not the side cut + ski "feel"/turn initiation differences combined.

- hang on! The next few years are a wild ride but it is better than having the kids hang out at the mall! Your kids can make good friends, have a sense of "community" and generally you are around nice families that have similar values for their kids.

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Shorter is better. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I would strongly encourage you to poll his coach(es) from last season - they've watched him ski and should know his skiing intimately. Hence, they (hopefully) understand the positives or limitations of his gear that he had, and what choices should be made to accelerate his learning/performance considering both brand/model and length.

That said, Volkl has always made an excellent Jr. ski. Great for learning and performance. I do not know the changes made for the P60 Jr., however, each season the skis seem to be tweaked to the better.

Another side note - if he will have multiple skis, I strongly encourage the identical binding setup for each pair - balance issues are affected dramatically by ramp angle changes of different 'setups' - however slight (a few millimeters). The same ski can even feel 'weird' if trying to adapt to a different binding. Help his adjustment from pair to pair to be as consistent as possible.
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