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Beginner in Summit Co

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A friend of mine and his wife are flying out to Co Springs from Ohio and I'm driving up to ski with them the 10th and 11th. They've both been skiing midwest for a couple years and have never skied in Colorado. He's fairly agressive and will ski just about anything, and has been to Utah. She's a bit more beginner/intermediate, and I'm guessing will likely be a bit intimidated by some of the terrain in the big mountains

I'm looking for suggestions on the best place(s) to take them those 2 days. I've only be to A-Basin and Loveland myself, so have no idea what's available at the other areas in that vicinity. I know the upper mountain at ABasin would probably be out of the question for her, though he'd be fine. And I'm not very familiar w/ loveland, as I was there the second weekend they were open with only 3 runs or so, not sure what else is there.

I guess I'm looking for someplace with a decent selection of fairly tame groomed runs, hopefully with some good scenery (Maybe more than just a cat track meandering down the mountain) and a bit more spicey (not expert though) stuff thrown in.

TIA for any suggestions!
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I think you'll find that all of the bigger resorts there (Breck, Copper, Keystone), all have plenty of the tamer/groomed terrain you describe.

Same with Winter Park, Vail, and Beaver Creek which are an easy drive from Summit Co.
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loveland + breck fit that w/ tons of beginner stuff for all chairs south of i-70 @ loveland and peaks 8+9 at breck. hit breck if you want a town and not i-70 w/ your view.
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I think Copper would fit the bill since it is fairly cheap and if I remember correctly the mountain was organized WRT ability in that the easier terrain was separated from the more difficult which might be nice for a lower level skier.

Also if they fly Frontier they get 2 tix for the pric of 1 if they display a boarding pass. nice deal.
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Breck for the beginners, and intermediates will also enjoy. Nice town. You could go to Vail, lots of everything for veryone. And Beaver Creek, top notch!
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Thanks everyone for the responses, appreciate it!

Looks like Breck is a good bet for everyone, and it's always nice to visit someplace new

How are the crowds there on weekends this time of season? Any other tips/suggestions for first-timers there?

Thanks again

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