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high school racing instruction

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Any suggestions for group/private race training instruction for Boston HS kids? Not looking to join a race team, just get some basics. Tried Nashoba's Xmas week program last year, it was just ok.
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You may want to contact the Snowsports school at Crotched Mountain. The snowsports school has some new people in the lead positions that are race oriented. Not that those there last year were not, but management is, I think, beginning to look at racing in a better light than they had. The new guys have a great deal of race background and management is listening (so I've been told), so try giving John Tyler, snowsports director at Crotched Mountain a call. Crotched is in southern NH if you're not familiar.

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Modern Ski Racing

Hey DRB,

Please give us a look.

Our approach is simple, our progression
is easy to learn, and our DVD is a pretty
inexpensive way to learn how to ski

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Employ Fastman (Rick) for a few days?
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and from memory if you have a female that will buy him lift tickets & give him accomodation you are off to a very good start
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Might take more than that to get him to Blue Hill.
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Originally Posted by disski
and from memory if you have a female that will buy him lift tickets & give him accomodation you are off to a very good start
LOL, that was a hilarious post.
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Don't know if you're serious drb, but...

Here is a quote from the Pat's Peak website. Don't know if you can get there or not, but it's a convenient to get to Pat's on the major highways.

"We will have a Christmas Camp over that holiday period and if you have friends that might be interested in trying ski racing they are welcome to train with the club for the cost of a lift ticket only. It is a great way for those who may be interested in the sport to see if it is something they would enjoy."

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some ideas...

It might be too late now (but, heck, you can still try...) but both Green Mountain Valley School and Burke Mountain Academy have public camps the week just before Christmas. Both academies have excellent coaching staffs and great terrain.

If you want something later in the season, then you can work through your coach to get a private camp put on for you. You'll need about 8 or more racers to make it worthwhile.

Sugarbush does this for our ski league (Conn Industrial Ski League) and does a great job each year.

MSRT may hold a camp in the east this year - keep checking the web site to see, or send your name to Backtomasters.
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