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TV Coverage of Race Events

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CBC blew it. With the top ten racers still to come, CBC Sports cut away from the yesterday's Super G to a pre-pre-game show for the Grey Cup.

The Conference Board of Canada reported that 1.17 m Canadians either actively particpated in skiing or volunterred in skiing related activites. That's about 1/30 of the total population of Canada.

CBC's coverage of the Lake Louise race was a joke. Who cuts away when the best racers are still to come?
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I was raging when I saw that they preferred to show some kind of pre-game show instead of the last 30 minutes of the real race (bib 20 something to 40). Maier and Bode still to come, let's switch to big tall jerks who will crack unfunny jokes and sing about football.
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Yes, I was pretty damn pissed when that happened. At the very least, if you know you only have an hour for an event that's going to be longer (esp. when the best parts tend to come last - although neither Bode or Maier did particularly well, although it looks like Rahlves had a very good run), either show what you can, and show it in full off tape later, or just schedule it shown off tape later.
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